DraftKings Hockey Almost At the Finish?

DraftKings wants you to feel chipper like Kipper. (Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports)
DraftKings wants you to feel chipper like Kipper and not like Old Mac Donald as seen here. (Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports)

All in all….it has been a lot of fun working as a partner with DraftKings. Overall, we have won more than we lost. That being said, there are just nine days left before the fantasy season ends. Please remember that there will likely be no daily fantasy hockey on April 28th which will be when the Boston game from Monday was rescheduled for.

What is that going to mean for you? Basically, the season cranks out a last week that is going to be like nothing you have ever seen. Let’s do something a bit different. Do you want to take a peak at the schedule? Sure, we all do!

DraftKings Schedule Peak

Here is a look at the amount of games from Friday until next Thursday first.

  • Friday — 6 games
  • Saturday — 8 games
  • Sunday — 8 games
  • Monday — 5 games
  • Tuesday — 9 games
  • Wednesday — 4 games
  • Thursday —  11 games

It is rare to see an eight plus back to back scenario on the weekend but that may mean good things for the daily fantasy hockey community. Sunday may be the more advantageous day even. Here is something we will call going a bit up in level.

Sunday, April 21
Florida at Boston 12:30 PM SUN NESN NHLN Rask, Seguin
New Jersey at NY Rangers 3:00 PM NBC Brodeur, Lundqvist
Carolina at Tampa Bay 6:00 PM FXSO SUN Stamkos, Staals
Calgary at Minnesota 6:00 PM RSNW FXNO Parise, Backstrom
St. Louis at Colorado 8:00 PM NBC Elliott, Duchene
Columbus at San Jose 8:00 PM FXOH CSNCAL Couture, Marleau
Anaheim at Edmonton 8:30 PM FSW2 RSNW Hall, Perry
Dallas at Los Angeles 9:00 PM FXSW FSW1 NHLN Quick, Lehtonen

Wow! Now what is the skinny? First off, thanks to ESPN for the schedule grid. Now, let’s answer our version of a daily fantasy skinny. It is just our idea of players who would be projected for high fantasy totals and players to keep an eye on as well. This does not mean that these players will ever produce at that level. The key with this is just to help the daily player find the high money guys also. This will evolve into our last column for next Friday so stay tuned!

Cheaper than something off the value meal? Yes!

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Multiply The Fun By TWO?

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As always you can follow me @ChrisWasselTHW on Twitter. Let’s make this another fun week so the cash can come your way. Thanks again for reading.