Fantasy Hockey Chateau Bow Wow: Stick A Poker Here!

Matt Cooke did it all for the fantasy hockey nookie!(Flickr/File Photo)
Matt Cooke sticks it all for the fantasy hockey nookie! (Flickr/File Photo)

The fantasy hockey world is heading towards the NHL postseason and it really does feel like someone has the poker set to stun. As the regular season draws to a close, some will look for other avenues to get their fantasy fix. What did we find for our readers? This is quick and painless. We promise.

Fantasy Hockey And Fantasy Postseason: A nice merger….

devil's bench
Playoffs? PLAYOFFS? (Ed Mulholland-US PRESSWIRE)

Yes! There are quite a few leagues out there for those who are starved for fantasy hockey action. First off, there is What do they do? They make your pools come true during the playoffs with very easy formats and keep it very much like a fantasy league during the season. Everything from the draft onward has the feel and look like what you see normally. It would be like the season never ended. At least, it almost would.

As the playoffs move along, we will keep up to date as we have formed two leagues for The Hockey Writers. Why did we do this? The writers need a place to have some fun and we have a league 1 and league 2. One key will be using your ten free agent moves wisely. There are no playoff multipliers so each round counts equally. Either way, an owner is going to have to make decisions as much about how far players will get as well as how many points can “Player X” bring to the table. It is the different and unknown that somehow inherently intrigues us. Slots are open and the drafts are not until Sunday and Monday. What would the harm be in taking a shot? Yes I know there are no prizes (this is all for bragging rights) but next year there likely will be something for your fantasy prowess.

Poker, Fantasy Hockey And The Final Week

Jaromir Jagr Bruins
Yet he gambles less now….(Michael Ivins-USA TODAY Sports)

This is going to be the time that tries all fantasy souls. The shortened season is the hardest to win because from an injuries per game standpoint, it is the most demanding. Everything happens so fast. You can go from the “Chateau Bow Wow” to the penthouse and back again at least a few times in such little time. Someday daily fantasy hockey will exist in the playoffs and it may happen very soon. The funnier thing is I can still remember how many hockey players used to play poker in hotel rooms before or after playoff games. Their rationale was it kept their mind sharp and people like that play for the money. Those are the ones that need to check Carbon Sportsbook for the latest lines, odds, games, and more. If you think players don’t do this, then you do not know a guy like Jaromir Jagr who definitely dabbles in many aspects of gaming whether it be fantasy sports or casinos. The worlds of fantasy and reality often blur and so does this final week of the regular season for many of us.

A lot of us are playing for money and others for bragging rights and even in some cases, pride. Five days and one game separate us from now until the end of the regular season. Again, the emphasis is getting you to the goal of winning. It is as simple as that. The problem is when that one player just seems hellbent on ruining your fantasy day or week. That one really just stings, doesn’t it? Without further pomp and circumstance, we bring the player that made you scream “F-U” at the top of your lungs for last night.

Fantasy F-U Player Of The Night

Mike Smith — G — Phoenix Coyotes 

King Scores
PAIN! (Matt Kartozian-US PRESSWIRE)

The pain could be felt far and wide when Mike Smith gave up two goals on four shots in the first period of last night’s 4-0 loss to the Detroit Red Wings. Granted, all three goals were power play goals but Smith was not tested much in that first twenty minutes. Basically, he let a lot of fantasy owners down. The bottom line in fantasy is results and when those do not come, the fingers come pointing. Smith was projected to be one of those fantasy stoppers but it was Jimmy Howard that stole the show on this night with 34 saves and the shutout. Many fantasy general managers complained loudly that Smith should have been that guy. All I can tell you is the sound of money going down the toilet can be felt if Mr. Smith was on your team last night. A certain finger goes up in salute to a man who normally does not disappoint. On a light Monday, Smith owners did not get off on the right foot to start this short dash for the cash.

Ladies and gentlemen, you can follow me on Twitter @ChrisWasselTHW. Thanks again for reading and hopefully tomorrow is a better evening for your fantasy hockey squads. Good luck!

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