Max Talbot Goes Undercover in Montreal

There’s no denying the historic rivalry between the Boston Bruins and the Montreal Canadiens. Even after a quieter season between the two teams, it’s still pretty safe to say that the Bruins and Habs are each other’s biggest rivals. That rivalry goes beyond the ice. Sure, the players tend to have a general disliking for one another on the ice, but it’s the fans that have the true hatred for one another.

Or at least they think they do. Boston Bruins centerman Max Talbot recently went incognito in Montreal, his hometown, as a part of Boston’s “BearTracks” summer series. Disguised as “Tim the interviewer”, Talbot walked along the streets of Montreal, asking random hockey fans who their favorite team was (obviously, Montreal was a common answer), and who their biggest rival was. To nobody’s surprise, Boston was a common answer.

However, Talbot, or should I say “Tim the interviewer”, made the whole thing much more interesting when he started asking Montreal fans what they thought of Max Talbot. He was delighted to hear from Canadiens fans how old he was, and was even called a “disgrace to his hometown.”

Of course, their opinions changed a bit when they discovered that they were speaking to Talbot, not “Tim.”



So what did we learn here? Always be sure you aren’t trash talking the guy who’s interviewing you.

Happy August, hockey fans!