NHL Salary Cap Could Rise $3.1 Million

The first day of the NHL Board of Governors meetings is behind us and one of the more interesting tidbits to emerge from day one is an estimate on the potential maximum increase in the NHL salary cap for the 2016-17 season.

Commissioner Gary Bettman told reporters that, at the high end, the league will allow the salary cap to increase by $3.1 million to a total of $74.5 million. Should the cap hit $74.5 million, the salary floor would increase to $55.1 million.

Bettman and others were careful to say that this is an estimate and that the cap increase really can’t be known at this point. That figure relies on many factors, including the fluctuating Canadian dollar, which is difficult to forecast. Executives around the league will certainly not be taking it as a hard truth, with last year’s estimated increase coming in above what the actual increase wound up being.

In other Board of Governors news, a presentation was made about expansion, but it was reported to be short and involved no discussion of the potential expansion process. Bettman reiterated that they are only considering Quebec City and Las Vegas for expansion.

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