The Lighter Side Of John Tortorella

He’s back.

John Tortorella is back behind an NHL bench, this time with the Columbus Blue Jackets. Tortorella replaces Todd Richards after the Blue Jackets started out a stunning 0-7-0 on the new season.

Tortorella was last with the Vancouver Canucks. Prior to that, he was with the New York Rangers and Tampa Bay Lightning. He lifted the Stanley Cup with the Lightning in 2004.

Tortorella is best remembered for his many memorable moments he has provided us over the years. His press conferences never left us disappointed. Sometimes his antics were a bit over the top. But at the end of the day, he left us with lasting and funny memories. The NHL is better with Tortorella coaching in it.

Now that he is back in the league, we thought that we’d take some time to recall some of Tortorella’s lighter moments from over the years. We found five moments that are both memorable and funny. We hope you enjoy. Welcome back Torts!

The Lighter Side Of John Tortorella

5. The Cardboard Cutout Of Torts

In a game between the Vancouver Canucks and Winnipeg Jets, some fans in Winnipeg decided to get creative. I guess Torts never left the Canucks after all. What’s funny is that they showed this after the Canucks took a penalty. Enjoy cardboard cutout Torts.

4. “That’s A Huge God D*** Goal He Scored”

Put a microphone in front of Tortorella, and sometimes you just don’t know what you’re gonna get. NBC’s Pierre McGuire did just that during a Stanley Cup playoff game between the Rangers and Bruins. The result was one of the most memorable quotes about Ryan Callahan you’ll ever hear.

3. Prankers Hijack Tortorella’s Press Conference

Even though he just got back to an NHL bench, Torts proves that he can still roll with the punches no matter what. In his recent press conference for USA Hockey, some “interesting people” were on the call. Listen to how Torts handles this.

2. Marty Biron Has Some News For Torts.

It’s one thing to have to break news to Torts for any reason. But Martin Biron had a unique opportunity given to him at the Winter Classic. He gets to share his news with Torts. Enjoy!

1. Torts The Rapper!

Who knew that Torts had a career after coaching? Well, he put his best rapping skills together in this treasure of a song. Enjoy “Don’t Push Me.”