15 Twitter Accounts Every Hockey Fan Must Follow

Twitter has become the go-to place for up-to-the-minute news across the world, not only for world events but also for the sports community. Below is the list of 15 must-follow accounts for hockey fans that enjoy breaking news as much as sharing laughs.

News and Insight

Bob McKenzie (@TSNBobMcKenzie)

From the entry draft, to free agency, to trades and new contracts, The Sports Network’s Bob McKenzie is behind it all. His up-to-the-minute reporting makes sure you know the latest breaking news ahead of your friends and teammates.

Elliotte Friedman (@FriedgeHNIC)

If you didn’t hear it from Bob McKenzie first, you probably heard it here. The man behind “30 Thoughts,” and Sportsnet’s go-to hockey reporter.


The official account of the world’s greatest sport—ok, maybe I’m bias—but it is. Creator of Slow-Mo Monday, tweeter of Stars of the Week and miscellaneous hockey reading.


Official Twitter account for the National Women’s Hockey League. Everything you need to know and stay on top of here.

Pete Jensen (@NHLJensen)

Ok, so you went ahead and followed Bob McKenzie and Elliotte Friedman to stay ahead of your friends for up-to-date news, now it’s time to stay ahead in your fantasy league. Jensen covers fantasy hockey for NHL.com.

NHL Player Safety (@NHLPlayerSafety)

Was that player from your favorite team suspended for that questionable hit? Find out here first.

For the Lighter Side of Life

Paul Bissonnette (@BizNasty2point0)

Currently with the Los Angeles Kings organization—formerly of Pittsburgh and Arizona—Bissonnette embraces his life as a fourth-liner and the energy he brings wherever he’s needed. Highly interactive with his fans and Twitter followers.

Jeremy Roenick (@Jeremy_Roenick)

NBC Sports analyst. With over years of NHL experience on and off the ice, Roenick has been known for his unfiltered opinions. Now, he promotes them with RoenickLife Podcast.

Strombone (@strombone1)

The owner remained mysterious for a while, but eventually the mystery was solved. Since then, Roberto Luongo has taken Strombone to the next level of humor.

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not Dany Heatley (@DanyAllStar15)

Parody account for two-time 50 goal scorer Dany Heatley. Runs one-night fantasy leagues, sells merchandise and keeps hockey slang fresh.

P.K. Subban (@PKSubban1)

Widely hated, widely embraced. Subban is a unique personality with amazing style who enjoys life in the NHL and the spotlight.

Honorable Mentions

Micah Blake McCurdy (@IneffectiveMath)

“Freelance Data Visualization and Analysis with focus on NHL.” Founder of HockeyViz.com, McCurdy’s math makes analytics easier for all; “understanding hockey with pictures.”

Stephanie (@myregularface)

Want to re-watch that highlight reel hit or phenomenal goal? Stephanie is on top of it, endless GIF’s with endless goals, hits, penalties and much more, every night of action. She also takes requests.


Wayne Gretzky (@OriginalGretzky)

They say some records will never be broken. That’s the case for nearly all of Gretzky’s 61 records. Since “The Great One” has an official Twitter account, it’d almost be a sin not to follow what he has to say.

The Hockey Writers (@TheHockeyWriter)

Hockey news and insight from hundreds of writers every day. The Hockey Writers provides access to the latest news across multiple hockey leagues, fantasy insight and overall team opinions and knowledge.

 Did I overlook a must-follow account? Let me know in the comments