Arizona Coyotes Need To Cut Roster

With new prospects ready to hit the starting lineup, some cuts are due

Let’s face it, young prospects like Max Domi, and Anthony “Tony D” Duclair have a good shot at making the final roster at the conclusion of training camp in the fall. Even another great prospect by the name of Christian Dvorak might even be in the lineup.

This means some marginal free agents need to go. The names which come to mind are: David Moss, Martin Erat, and B.J. Crombeen. Even though Lauri Korpikoski will not be a free agent, I feel his production is very poor, and trading him would be logical.


Moss has got to be the most unlucky hockey player in the NHL. He’s big, and can screen the goalie, but his stats are way down there. He gets shots, but maybe should try a lucky rabbit’s foot or something to improve his luck. He and the posts are good friends — because his shots have contact with them often. His 4.2 % shooting percentage tells it all. Time to say goodbye Dave… he almost wasn’t signed last season, and the Arizona Coyotes inked him late. I’d take Domi or Duclair in a heartbeat here… no brainer


Martin Erat is another soon to be free agent who can be crossed off the roster list in my opinion. His $4.5M a year contract over seven years was a joke. The guy’s washed up, and the Arizona Coyotes will do well to dump his contract. Let’s make room for some young blood, a player we could spend a lot less with more results. As you see, I’m not a big Erat fan, to the contrary. With a measly 37 points while playing here in Arizona… let’s see that equates to..$121,621.62 a point ! ! He’s so GONE ! !

B.J. Crombeen has played limited minutes, and has been nothing more than the team “tough” guy. Frankly, I feel that role can be filled by Kyle Chipchura, who’s a tough cookie himself. I just grew weary of him taking dumb penalties (like when we have the power play, therefore negating any advantage) and just throwing his weight around for the sake of being tough.

Someone like Paul Bissonnette was a much better fighter anyway, and he didn’t take ill-advised penalties which hurt the team’s fortunes. Bye bye B.J. — *newsflash* fighting has dramatically decreased in the NHL. Your services are no longer required!

All in all let’s get this youth movement in high gear. I’m very excited to see the young prospects the Arizona Coyotes are developing. And, don’t forget we have the THIRD overall pick next month in the NHL Entry Draft! That should help fortify the weaknesses this team displayed over the course of the last painful season.