Barclays Center in NHL 16

The NHL 16 hype train continues as the team at EA Sports has released a brand new video touting the atmosphere improves in this year’s installment of the franchise.

With the New York Islanders set to begin play in their new home in Brooklyn, the Barclays Center, the developers felt it was only right to show off a bit of the new arena for fans to get their first taste at hockey in Brooklyn. Including the authentic goal horn, the Barclays Center will feel like home for Islanders fans when they take the ice with their favorite team in NHL 16.

But if you thought the new arena was the only thing to look forward to as an Islanders fan in NHL 16, you are sadly mistaken.

The game will also feature the popular “YES!” chant that Islanders fans have taken on as a new tradition. Even the players partake in throwing their hands in the air in the way WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan, the originator of the movement, does.

NHL 16 features arena atmospheres unlike anything that has been featured in the series before. Every team’s authentic goal horns will be included as well as the goal song for over 20 of the league’s members. NHL 16 launches on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on September 15.