Blue Jackets to Keep Ryan Johansen in NHL

Blue Jackets GM Scott Howson/Jeff Little (The Hockey Writers)

General Manager Scott Howson made it official today, announcing that Ryan Johansen would stay past the ten-game threshold for junior players to be returned to their teams.  Affectionately known to Blue Jackets fans as either The Johan or RyJo, former number four overall pick Johansen has been better recently after getting off to a slow start.  After starting the season in the bottom six seeing limited minutes with less-talented linemates, Johansen (2-2-4 +1) has improved vastly since being moved up in the lineup.  Both of his goals are game-winning goals, the only winners the 2-9-1 Blue Jackets have scored.  There has been much discussion among fans about whether or not to keep Johansen with the big club.  Keeping him means that his entry-level contract kicks in, and means he reaches restricted free agent status in three years.  With the season off to an abysmal start, questions remain about whether it would be best to send him back to Portland of the WHL and let him develop a bit more to get ready for next season.  It seems the organization has decided that it is more important to show their fans that they are committed to winning now, regardless the team’s record.