Chicago Blackhawks Schedule – 2023-24

10/10/20238:00@Pittsburgh Penguins
10/11/20237:30@Boston Bruins
10/14/20237:00@Montreal Canadiens
10/16/20237:00@Toronto Maple Leafs
10/19/202310:30@Colorado Avalanche
10/21/20238:00Vegas Golden Knights
10/24/20238:30Boston Bruins
10/27/20236:00@Vegas Golden Knights
10/30/202310:00@Arizona Coyotes
11/4/20238:00Florida Panthers
11/5/20237:00New Jersey Devils
11/9/20237:00@Tampa Bay Lightning
11/12/20231:00@Florida Panthers
11/16/20238:30Tampa Bay Lightning
11/18/20232:00@Nashville Predators
11/19/20237:00Buffalo Sabres
11/22/20237:00@Columbus Blue Jackets
11/24/20232:00Toronto Maple Leafs
11/26/20232:00St. Louis Blues
11/28/20238:30Seattle Kraken
11/30/20237:00@Detroit Red Wings
12/2/20233:00@Winnipeg Jets
12/3/20232:00@Minnesota Wild
12/5/20238:30Nashville Predators
12/7/20238:30Anaheim Ducks
12/9/20238:00St. Louis Blues
12/10/20237:00Washington Capitals
12/12/202310:00@Edmonton Oilers
12/14/202310:00@Seattle Kraken
12/17/20233:00Vancouver Canucks
12/19/20238:30Colorado Avalanche
12/22/20238:30Montreal Canadiens
12/23/20238:00@St. Louis Blues
12/27/20239:00Winnipeg Jets
12/29/20238:00@Dallas Stars
12/31/20238:00@Dallas Stars
1/2/20248:00@Nashville Predators
1/4/20247:00@New York Rangers
1/5/20247:00@New Jersey Devils
1/7/20243:00Calgary Flames
1/9/20248:30Edmonton Oilers
1/11/20248:00@Winnipeg Jets
1/13/20248:00Dallas Stars
1/16/20248:30San Jose Sharks
1/17/20247:30@Buffalo Sabres
1/19/20248:30New York Islanders
1/22/202410:00@Vancouver Canucks
1/24/202410:00@Seattle Kraken
1/25/20249:00@Edmonton Oilers
1/27/202410:00@Calgary Flames
2/7/20249:30Minnesota Wild
2/9/20248:30New York Rangers
2/13/20248:30Vancouver Canucks
2/15/20248:30Pittsburgh Penguins
2/17/20243:00Ottawa Senators
2/19/20247:00@Carolina Hurricanes
2/21/20247:30Philadelphia Flyers
2/23/20248:30Winnipeg Jets
2/25/20246:00Detroit Red Wings
2/29/20249:00Colorado Avalanche
3/2/20248:00Columbus Blue Jackets
3/4/20249:00@Colorado Avalanche
3/5/20249:00@Arizona Coyotes
3/9/20247:00@Washington Capitals
3/10/20246:00Arizona Coyotes
3/12/20248:30Anaheim Ducks
3/15/20248:30Los Angeles Kings
3/17/20246:00San Jose Sharks
3/19/202410:00@Los Angeles Kings
3/21/202410:00@Anaheim Ducks
3/23/202410:30@San Jose Sharks
3/26/20248:30Calgary Flames
3/28/20247:00@Ottawa Senators
3/30/20247:00@Philadelphia Flyers
4/2/20247:30@New York Islanders
4/6/20244:30Dallas Stars
4/7/20243:30Minnesota Wild
4/10/20248:00@St. Louis Blues
4/12/20248:30Nashville Predators
4/14/20246:00Carolina Hurricanes
4/16/20249:30@Vegas Golden Knights
4/18/202410:30@Los Angeles Kings

The Chicago Blackhawks stand as one of the most iconic and storied franchises in the National Hockey League (NHL). Founded in 1926, the team has a rich history that includes numerous championships and a dedicated fan base. The Blackhawks have won a total of six Stanley Cup titles, with their most recent championship victory coming in 2015. This success has solidified their position as a powerhouse in the league and earned them a special place in the hearts of Chicagoans and hockey enthusiasts alike.

Throughout their history, the Blackhawks have boasted legendary players who have left an indelible mark on the sport. Names like Glenn Hall, Stan Mikita, and Denis Savard are synonymous with the franchise’s greatness. The team’s logo, featuring a striking Native American head, is one of the most recognizable symbols in sports. In recent years, the Blackhawks have worked to build upon their historic legacy by integrating modern strategies and analytics to stay competitive in the ever-evolving landscape of professional hockey.

The Blackhawks’ home games are held at the United Center, an arena they share with the NBA’s Chicago Bulls. The passionate and spirited atmosphere that fills the United Center during Blackhawks games reflects the city’s deep love for the team. The franchise’s journey has not been without challenges, including periods of rebuilding and roster changes, but their ability to consistently compete at a high level and capture the hearts of fans has solidified their status as a true sports institution in the Windy City.