Designing New Avalanche Jerseys

The Colorado Avalanche are finally getting new jerseys. Though most fans absolutely loved the alternate “Blueberries”, most hated the regular home and away jerseys. Ever since the change of style, when they got rid of the mountain piping and replaced it with apron-like piping, fans and players alike have been robbed of looking good!

Therefore designing new Avalanche jerseys has been on my to do list ever since the new Reebok “Aprons” were introduced.

How Beautiful They Can Be

First of all, the Avalanche colors are some of the best in the league. Burgundy and blue work very nicely together, complimented by the black and grey.

The original jerseys looked great with the mountain piping along the bottom. I don’t know if the mountain piping will come back however, and if not, they should incorporate some striping on the bottom and/or sleeves.

Now that I have the help of a close friend, and a super talented artist in Nicole Salgar, I can finally get these out of my head and into the world.

Home and Away Designs

Sebastian Hedley-Noble/THW
Sebastian Hedley-Noble/THW

As you can see we added the new 20th anniversary patch on both shoulders. I don’t know if they will be getting rid of the foot patch. But it’s definitely time they upgraded the shoulders.  The combo of the foot on one side and the anniversary patch on the other is another option.

The new jerseys should keep the Avalanche number styles, as they are unique and still fit the design, but we were unable to use them unfortunately.

Sebastian Hedley-Noble/THW
Sebastian Hedley-Noble/THW

With the beloved third jerseys dubbed the “Blueberries” being hung up, Colorado must add another blue jersey to their set. They look great on the ice, and so would these. Colorado also had a great record when wearing the now-old blue alternates.

Stadium Series/Third Jersey

Sebastian Hedley-Noble/THW
Sebastian Hedley-Noble/THW

The Colorado Avalanche announced during the season that they will be hosting a Stadium Series game at Coors Field. Likely, the Avalanche will have a Stadium Series jersey and also have it serve as the team’s alternate. This burgundy jersey is a little mix of the old burgundy thirds, with some obvious new changes. The Avalanche could also go back to the diagonal “Colorado” across the Stadium Series jersey, though I am a bigger fan of the logo.

The Avs will faceoff against none other than the once-hated Detroit Red Wings. The rivalry has been lost since the new divisions and with Detroit’s move to the Eastern Conference it is almost guaranteed we won’t see it ever again, though that’s not to say that this won’t be one hell of an outdoor game.

A huge thank you to Nicole Salgar, without whom I couldn’t have done this, at least not for another year or so! If any of you are into awesome paintings, murals, or street art, go check out her work, you won’t be disappointed I promise you. You can take a look at her amazing work on Instagram @nmsalgar and her website

What do you think of our redesigned Avalanche jerseys ladies and gentlemen?