Easton Mako Skates Truly A Physics Marvel

(The Easton Mako Skates are truly a breakthrough in speed for skaters).


Ice skates are truly called “systems” for a reason. Every skater prefers different types of skates. Let’s be honest. It is truly a privilege to see such a skate in action but when you see how fast the Mako truly is, you take notice. The thing is how does the Mako do it? How do you get that maximum speed with comfort and torque?


Physics Inspired Innovation

Natural motion and fluidity equals speed. It is the premise that makes the skate truly the marvel that it is. There are three key elements that apply with the Mako:

  • DOWNFORCE – Traditional high/stiff boots prevent athletes from getting onto the balls of their feet to generate downforce. Mako’s increased range of motion and an aggressive blade pitch allow skaters to get over the front of the skate and create more force into the ice.

  • PUSH DIRECTION – Traditional skates lack asymmetrical patterns and hinder effective push direction. Mako’s asymmetrical patterns allow the skate to fall in line with direction of travel to generate speed and power through cornering.

  • TEMPO – Traditional skates fail to optimize leg extension for maximum tempo. The combination of Easton’s Extendon™ guard and deep contour design create the Mako’s unique skating system for unrestricted natural movement.

All that I know is watching numerous demonstrations of the Easton Mako Skates made me want to buy these skates and try a pair on. When I played, ice skates always had that limitation of being too much like a stiff boot. Sure, some players and people prefer that feeling of safe but the speed and fluidity is too much to pass up. There is nothing like that lighter more free design to give you that explosive first step which is so important in accelerating up to speed.

The typical stiffer skate is just not meant for that kind of explosive speed. Ice hockey is a bigger and faster sport on a rink that’s size has not grown. The emphasis being on fast. It is harder to cover the faster, more agile skater. That is common sense.


Speed Is An Art

Max Domi (CHL Images)
Max Domi (CHL Images)

If one does not think so, then you have not played the sport. When you think about how physics works related to speed, we realize how leg push and the lightest dynamic skates really work. What happens in this era more than any? The thing you hear is speed, speed, and speed. Max Domi is an avid user of the Easton Mako Skates. Any player knows now that mastering the art of speed is so important to success. Domi is expected to be one of the top players taken in the 2013 NHL Draft. Admittedly the Mako was literally nothing like he had ever experienced. Not only that it turned out Domi was absolutely a player that still will not trust anything other than those skates period, end of story!

“After my first game using Easton’s Mako Skate, I haven’t looked back,” said London Knights Center, Max Domi, expected to be one of the top draft picks in the 2013 NHL draft. “The feel and overall quickness of these skates is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.” 

That is the exclamation point right there! Power and acceleration in that first few strides along with that maneuverability is just paramount in generating the speed needed to play in today’s game. If you do not adapt, you fall by the wayside and the Mako will have several successful generations because of that fact.

Simply the Mako is a product for today’s high performance hockey player and just think, the best is yet to come.

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