Fantasy Hockey Chateau Bow Wow (April 8th)

Travis Zajac Devils
Travis Zajac is a sad fantasy hockey panda. (Rich Kane/Icon SMI)

We were allowed to take a couple days off and look at what happened. Everything went crazy in the fantasy hockey world. There have been fantasy hockey duds and studs galore. Then, as always, the ugly often pops up unexpectedly. This week presented the first week of playoffs in some cases and the sting of elimination could be felt everywhere. All that time, energy, and effort just went up in smoke in an instant. The feelings of anger, denial, and abject misery cloud what was a good or great season up until then.

Fantasy Hockey Ugly

This is it. Like we said above, here is the sprint. The eleven weeks has felt more like double that amount. The senses are a bit diminished in some capacity. Those in daily leagues have this a little easier as they pick and choose their days to play. A all season fantasy player truly knows what this Monday means. The intensity comes up as the stakes rise. Extra time and thought is put into every roster, roster move, and decision. Everything is scrutinized that much more. It might feel something a little like “pressure” perhaps.

What is Next?

With the mix of roto, point, and head to head leagues in various stages of playoffs or playoff like scenarios, the Fantasy Hockey Chateau Bow Wow will lower the boom on the worst and most horrid of performances. Yes, these will be complete with full color and maybe some off color commentary. No one wants to hear the stone cold truth. However, here it comes whether you are ready for it or not.

Fantasy Hockey F-U POTN

Travis Zajac — C — New Jersey Devils


Zajac couldn’t score in a convent full of….okay okay he couldn’t score on an empty net with no one around him. In short, this has been a nightmare season and the Sunday night game was a microcosm of the whole damn thing. Even the sexual harassment panda from “South Park” is happier than Travis Zajac at the moment. If that sounds rather low, then you better get used to it. This was a guy who many thought would eventually become captain and be a perennial 55-65 point player. Maybe this is a one year aberration but the natives are restless and want blood now! It is almost to the point where #19 is averaging one point every three contests. That is simply unacceptable from a guy that will be making over $5.5 million per year starting next season. It is as if the David Clarkson bug has infected Zajac but to be blunt, this has been an all year problem that feels like an 800 pound silver back gorilla camped out on the back of Zajac. Did you ever expect Travis Zajac to be owned in less than 25% of all leagues across the board? I did not. This player is slaughtering fantasy leagues everywhere. He may be a great guy but he is in the mother doghouse of all scoring slumps right now.

That is it for now. We are running because Monday night begins a whole new set of carnage and chaos. As always, you can follow us @ChrisWasselTHW for the latest in fantasy hockey good, bad, and ugly. Thanks again for reading.