Fantasy Hockey Implosions: You Sunk My Battleship!

(Fantasy hockey fans….you sunk my battleship?!!????)

All people like to focus is on is the good and bad of fantasy hockey. There always seems to be this black or white with little middle ground. Yet an untapped abyss is out there that few explore. It does not even matter what type of league. Some players this year just have that effect of oh god, you sunk my entire team this day, week, or season.

It is that inevitable frustration that drives fantasy owners the craziest. When the normally reliable go south over a solid chunk of time.

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Assume nothing when it comes to fantasy hockey. I mean this wholeheartedly. The biggest problem is your team, one week, can be god’s gift and then be on the verge of ruin during the next. There is your nature of the beast when it comes to fantasy.

Implosions require expectation of result with previous fulfillment combined with present strife and torture. There are just players where well we just have to go there. Below is a select few that have killed your daily, keeper, or seasonal fantasy leagues. We do not protect the innocent for revealing all of the ugly is the fastest way to rip the band-aid off. Now it is time to shut up and show a few names.

Fantasy Hockey Goalie Kaboom!

Jimmy Howard — G — Detroit Red Wings

Detroit Red Wings - Jimmy Howard - Photo Credit:  Andy Martin Jr
Detroit Red Wings – Jimmy Howard , fantasy hockey meds needed. Photo Credit: Andy Martin Jr

A problem arise sometimes when not all the numbers are completely bad but then there was last night. Jimmy Howard gave up five goals including a few in the  third period. The injuries are a bit disheartening but that home record is just abysmal. These numbers read out of Stephen King novel. That 6-7-6 record hides a god awful team in front of Howard. However, the last few weeks have seen Howard regress further and future.”

At what point, do you cut bait with Howard? This is a very delicate question. Some are just determined to let him and their fantasy team ride it out. Unfortunately, most fantasy hockey GM’s do not have that luxury. It could always be worse.

Defensive Disaster!

Zach Bogosian — D — Winnipeg Jets

Zach Bogosian hurting teams so much since his days in the ATL. (File Photo).
Zach Bogosian hurting teams so much since his days in the ATL. (File Photo).

Here is the other guy that has driven fantasy owners nuts all year. Yes we have more but this is just the first installment after all. The four points in 21 games with a +8 is decent. However, many felt that Bogosian was even better than a point every other game and again that just did not materialize. Worse, it seems like he got hurt at the worst possible time for fantasy owners. Note that pattern as Zach Bogosian tends to do this frequently.

The Bogo Games Played (last six years):

  • 47
  • 81
  • 71
  • 65
  • 33*
  • 21

Alas, the asterisk is because of the lockout shortened season but you get the idea. Injuries seem to become him at crucial times. Four of the last five years, fantasy playoffs were impacted by his exit from the lineup. This is more a case where timing is unkind. When you add in the lack of offensive production, that implosion just mushrooms into something worse.


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