Flyers Goal Song Isn’t Really All That Dynamite

There were a lot of things to be taken away from the Flyers home opener.  For starters, Steve Mason didn’t play as bad as many had expected.  Second, Vincent Lecavalier will do very well in the orange and black.  Thirdly, the game is played in 60 minutes – not the first 30 minutes the Flyers showed up for.  And lastly, fans were none to pleased with the goal song selection by Claude Giroux and Scott Hartnell.

Would you have preferred the theme song to the Sound of Music?

Yep!  That’s the reason they didn’t score again.  Don’t take into account Jonathan Bernier stood on his head the entire game.

Won’t lie, that would be amazing to watch.

While I’m a huge Angus Young and AC/DC fan, Bro Hymn was a classic for song long in the Wells Fargo Center.

Sure!  Why not?  Because if Washington needs anything to fight over while their entire government is shut down, it’s to change the Flyers’ goal song.

Come on people!  It’s a song.  It doesn’t change the outcome of a game.  It doesn’t make players play better or worse.  And it certainly shouldn’t have been given nearly this much backlash.  In this day and age, social media allows fans to overreact on the most mundane topics.  I can promise you, if the Flyers are able to string together a few wins in the beginning of the season, talk of TNT by AC/DC will fall by the wayside and fans can start enjoying Flyers hockey again.

Luckily, if the team continues to play the way they did against the Leafs on the powerplay, fans can rejoice as they will likely not have to hear that song played in the Wells Fargo Center for quite some time.

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