Ford Ice Impressions – Boston Bruins

The Boston Bruins didn’t have the most impressive group of the four I saw Sunday. I’ll say that straight out. That being said, there were a few guys that stood out from the pack in a way that bodes well for the future of the team, and for their fans’ peace of mind.

Most NHL Ready: David Pastrnak

Pastrnak didn’t look at all like the guy everyone made fun of for falling all over the place during development camp. He was in control, he was where he needed to be, and he put the Lightning defensemen to work. He made a few flashy plays over the course of the game that had everyone around me shaking their heads in disbelief. If I had any say in the matter, he’d get a long hard look at camp – especially given the Bruins’ current cap situation, in which talented, cheap players would go a long way.

 Biggest Surprise: Brian Ferlin

Anyone that follows the Bruins (or college hockey) closely might not be surprised by this kid, but I’d never heard of him before Sunday, and he was all over the place. Ferlin, a former NCAA Ivy League Rookie of the Year, signed an entry-level contract with the Bruins back in April, and Sunday it appeared that he was trying to do everything he could to force general manager Peter Chiarelli’s hand and make him use it.

Other Observations

  • Linus Arnesson’s got a shot on him. More than once, his bomb had me jumping a little in my seat.
  • Cory Kane, an Irvine, CA native who played four games with the Providence Bruins last season, was another who jumped out at me, and it appears his efforts have been rewarded – it was announced today that he’ll be attending the Bruins’ main training camp.
  • The only times I noticed Anthony Camara were during timeouts when I could see the back of his jersey. Take that as you will.