Goon Hockey: Junior Player Goes Bonkers On a Referee

Ladies and gentlemen, please allow me to introduce you to 20-year-old Elias Grossmann of the Grande Prairie Storm, quite possibly the dumbest hockey player to ever strap on a pair of ice skates.

I use the word “dumb” here not because of his brain capacity – he may, in fact, be quite intelligent when it comes to matters outside the ice arena – but because only a fool would get into a wrestling match with a referee the likes of which is usually only seen on programs produced by Vince McMahon. Have a look-see:

Now, not only does Mr. Grossmann toss the ref around like a striped shirt rag doll, but before his impromptu tussle he absolutely levels Bryce Kakoske of theVernon Vipers with a Jimmy Snuka-like flying elbow to the mush. Bad, bad Mr. Grossmann.

But here’s the worst part: While slam-dancing with the poor ref Grossmann proceeded to spit in his face, and all of this happened with only 26 seconds to go in the game.

Incidentally Grossmann will be ineligible to play at this level after his team’s playoff run is over – they are currently down 0-2 in their best-of-seven series with the Vipers – so for all intents and purposes he has probably seen his last bit of action in a Storm jersey.

Or any other jersey for that matter.