Kumbuya: An Interest Sharing Community

For all of the social media lovers seeking to find an interactive community that shares particular interests, look no further. While sites such as StumbleUpon, FaceBook, and Twitter offer their users a chance to interact with people who share certain interests and hobbies, Kumbuya offers its members a chance to target specific groups and lead discussion on a specific topic of interest.

I know what you’re thinking. More established social media sites are more densely populated and already allow their users to filter out the content that they do and do not follow, so what would be the point of signing up to another site that seemingly offers the same thing? While Kumbuya might seem like just another social media site at first glance, exploring the site for several minutes reveals why the interactive community is different from other social media platforms.

Kumbuya’s Layout, Accessibility, and Features

Kumbuya Community
Kumbuya is an interactive community that serves a variety of purposes to its users.

Upon punching in Kumbuya’s web address, one will be prompted to gain access to the site by logging in via a FaceBook or Twitter account. Registration is simple and easy, and only takes a couple of minutes if one has an account set up with either of the two aforementioned social media sites. Once one is registered, Kumbuya allows its users to surf through a variety of featured, verified, and popular communities that suit a number of wide-ranging interests.

Not only are users allowed to enter and join communities based on their interests, Kumbuya allows members to create communities based upon common interest and invite friends or other members for inclusion into the group. Of course, one could certainly stick to established groups and compete to become the “fearless leader” of a community through frequent posting and discussion within a respective group, but what would an interactive community be without letting its users branch out?

On the one hand, Kumbuya gives its users the ability to share interests with other individuals. On the other hand, Kumbuya also allows its users to establish commercial transactions and product sales under certain guidelines. Sure, one can join Kumbuya for the content that is offered in certain communities, but an individual can also be enticed to join the site based upon the premise that they could potentially market themselves, and their product, to other users and businesses. Building a social network can certainly be rewarding in a number of ways, but Kumbuya offers its users an opportunity to put their social networks to work with money-making potential in mind.

While Kumbuya might be a relatively new interactive community, its user-friendly layout and easy accessibility make it easy for one to become a part of a conversation in a specific group. Since Kumbuya is not over-populated by users, it is much simpler for one to join a community and have an impact on that group through frequent posting. The amount of interest groups and communities that Kumbuya offers is seemingly endless (especially since one can create and invite friends to join a new community), and there are certainly a number of enticing features that will keep members occupied upon registration.

Hockey-Related Communities

Kumbuya certainly offers a plethora of communities for individuals to choose from including something for hockey lovers.

The Stanley Cup and Official NHL are just two hockey communities that are currently operating on the site, but they sure do provide members with interactive content. Not only do the two aforementioned communities share a number of videos of current NHL content, they also link to various blogs and other interesting NHL-related material from across the internet. Both of the groups that were previously mentioned are not too populated and could realistically give new members a chance to have their voice heard and name recognized by frequently posting interesting links to NHL-related content.

While groups such as “The Stanley Cup” might focus on more specific issues and topics in the hockey world, communities such as “Official NHL” cover a wider range of happenings and events in the NHL. Despite the fact that “The Stanley Cup” and “Official NHL” might still be budding communities on Kumbuya, they are certainly headed in the right direction – especially in terms of garnering user interest and attention.