Every NHL Team’s 2016-17 Home Opener

The 2016-17 NHL season schedule is expected to be released on June 21, but every team’s home opener was revealed on Monday. The schedule will be a little quirky this year, compared to what fans have come to expect. The World Cup of Hockey and a new rule giving each team a “bye week” during the season will combine to make this a compacted schedule that might, in some ways, resemble the pace of the 2014 season due to the Sochi Olympics.

Below is a look at each team’s home opener for the season. There are not too many quirks in here. There are some good rivalries to kick off the season and what looks to be a long road trip for the Carolina Hurricanes, who won’t play their first game at PNC Arena until October 28, the latest of any club.

The Pittsburgh Penguins will face the Washington Capitals for their opener on October 13, the day on which they will raise their Stanley Cup banner.

The season is set to open on October 12, a little later than the usual start within the first week of the month. Opening night will feature four teams in play, with the Toronto Maple Leafs facing the Ottawa Senators, and the San Jose Sharks taking on the Los Angeles Kings.

Anaheim Ducks
10.23 vs Vancouver Canucks

Arizona Coyotes
10.15 vs. Philadelphia Flyers

Boston Bruins
10.20 vs. New Jersey Devils

Buffalo Sabres
10.13 vs. Montreal Canadiens

Calgary Flames
10.14 vs. Edmonton Oilers

Carolina Hurricanes
10.28 vs New York Rangers

Chicago Blackhawks
10.12 vs. St. Louis Blues

Colorado Avalanche
Oct. 15 vs. Dallas Stars

Columbus Blue Jackets
10.13 vs. Boston Bruins

Dallas Stars
10.13 vs. Anaheim Ducks

Detroit Red Wings
Oct. 17 vs. Ottawa Senators

Edmonton Oilers
10.12 vs. Calgary Flames

Florida Panthers
10.13 vs. New Jersey Devils

Los Angeles Kings
10.14 vs. Philadelphia Flyers

Minnesota Wild
10.15 vs. Winnipeg Jets

Nashville Predators
10.14 vs. Chicago Blackhawks

Montreal Canadiens
Oct. 18 vs. Pittsburgh Penguins

New Jersey Devils
Oct. 18 vs. Anaheim Ducks

New York Islanders
10.16 vs. Anaheim Ducks

New York Rangers
10.13 vs. New York Islanders

Ottawa Senators
10.12 vs. Toronto Maple Leafs

Philadelphia Flyers
10.20 vs. Anaheim Ducks

Pittsburgh Penguins
10.13 vs. Washington Capitals

San Jose Sharks
10.12 vs. Los Angeles Kings

St. Louis Blues
10.13 vs. Minnesota Wild

Tampa Bay Lightning
10.13 vs. Detroit Red Wings

Toronto Maple Leafs
10.15 vs. Boston Bruins

Vancouver Canucks
10.15 vs. Calgary Flames

Washington Capitals
10.15 vs. New York Islanders

Winnipeg Jets
10.13 vs. Carolina Hurricanes