Player Safety Fines Jordin Tootoo for Trip

The Department of Player Safety announced on Thursday that New Jersey Devils forward Jordin Tootoo was being fined $2,217.74 for a dangerous trip on Nashville Predators defenseman Seth Jones on Tuesday night.

The fine amount is the maximum amount allowable under the Collective Bargaining Agreement. According to the CBA:

Players may be fined up to 50% of one day’s average salary without exceeding $10,000 for the first fine and $15,000 for any subsequent fines within a 12 month calendar period.

The incident took place at the 7:55 mark of Tuesday’s game, with Tootoo being given a minor tripping infraction on the play.

As an aside, the Department of Player Safety has launched a new FAQ to help fans get a better grip on what is happening with decisions that the department made. Thanks Burkie.

All money from fines assessed by the Department of Player Safety are distributed into the NHL Players’ Emergency Assistance Fund.

Here’s the play:

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