The Stanley Cup Supports Our Armed Forces and Veterans

Kings Win Cup
The Stanley Cup (Bridget Samuels)

The Stanley Cup is a well traveled trophy that not surprisingly supports our armed forces and veterans. One of the most wonderful things about our beloved and revered trophy is that on days like today-Veteran’s Day we know Lord Stanley would smile at some of the places The Cup has been. We can’t forget our veterans and service men and women. Thankfully I’m proud to say hockey doesn’t forget them either. Our armed forces that are hockey fans don’t forget their teams when they’re overseas. The lengths they will go to watch a game is impressive.

That’s why I’m proud to say that hockey gives back. The Stanley Cup has visited the armed forces overseas several times to boost morale. The Cup has been to Afghanistan and visibly impacted the troops. The Stanley Cup travels at least 250 days out of the year. It’s nice to know that part of that time, it’s boosting morale for those men and women in away from home overseas, so we can sleep in our beds with security.

While we may not be able to thank every service man and woman with a hug and a kiss, it’s nice to know that some of them are probably more excited to kiss The Cup. Which seems like a sweet trade for everyone.