The NHL: Nuts Out of Whack

The NHL apparently thinks that grabbing your family jewels is much worse than whacking the boys with a stick.

What do you think, did the NHL get it backwards or was coach Q’s infraction worse than the Lucic crotch shot? Let us know below.

quenneville nut grab


3 thoughts on “The NHL: Nuts Out of Whack”

  1. I can understand why the NHL feels Q’s infraction is worse. The league holds the coaches to a higher standard. With that said, it is still wrong but there is still a solution. The players want to police the game themselves? Then make sure to give Lucic some love next game that he will never forget.

  2. This is just… so many degrees of wrong. Especially considering Lucic’s a second offender for private smacking. Sooner or later, one of his victims is probably going to get hospitalized. :(

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