THW Podcast – Ep. 13 – NHL Trade Deadline Analysis

On the 13th episode of The Hockey Writers Podcast, Brandon Share-Cohen and I chat all things NHL Trade Deadline day analysis. We look closely at the biggest trades to fall on Monday and leading up to the deadline, what it means for NHL franchises moving foward, who has the best playoff hopes, and who won and/or lost all the moves that were made.

What to Expect on the Podcast This Week…

As we scroll through the biggest deals of the day, we talk Mark Stone going to Vegas, what the Columbus Blue Jackets did and how big a risk they took, if teams like the Predators added enough and who made out the best,or why some teams didn’t do much of anything considering the buzz heading into deadline day.

Columbus Blue Jackets Matt Duchene
Columbus Blue Jackets center Matt Duchene (Marc DesRosiers-USA TODAY Sports)

Are the favorites still the favorites in each conference? Are the Tampa Bay Lightning still the team to beat in the east? Who is emerging as their next closest competitor? Did the Blue Jackets really make themselves that much better and are they now the team to beat?

In the Western Conference, the San Jose Sharks, Nashville Predators and Golden Knights made moves. Were they moves big enough to knock off a team like the Calgary Flames who did very little?

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What Does All This Mean for the NHL Draft?

We ask and dissect the question, ‘How does this year’s trade deadline affect the NHL draft and what are teams doing heading into next summer?’ Surely, the Blue Jackets have to have a plan. Or don’t they? Are they really letting everything ride on this one season and hoping what they did can put them past a team like Tampa or Boston?

Players Who Didn’t Move

Despite how busy the last hour of the deadline was, there were still a number of players rumored to move and teams to take action who didn’t. The Edmonton Oilers, New York Islanders, Florida Panthers and Los Angeles Kings and Arizona Coyotes did very little. Why?

Edmonton Oilers Alex Chiasson Connor McDavid
Edmonton Oilers right wing Alex Chiasson and Connor McDavid (Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports)

In some cases, this was probably the right move. In others, it was likely a mistake. It is interesting to see teams that didn’t sell assets when they could, instead choosing to hang onto players even though their playoffs hopes are not strong.

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