Top 4 Red Wings Goals of Week 1

The Red Wings have struggled to score in the first week of the 2014-15 season, averaging just 2.0 goals per game in three contests. However, Detroit has seen its fair share of spectacular goals.

Here are the top four goals the Red Wings have scored so far this season.

Gustav Nyquist vs. Boston Bruins

Not only was this a beautifully set up goal, but it ended up being the game-winner, giving the Red Wings their first win of the season in Game 1.

Henrik Zetterberg stole the puck at the blue line, dished it off to Johan Franzen, who shuffled it along to Darren Helm, who made a nice heads-up play to Nyquist standing on the opposite side of the net.

This goal doesn’t happen without Zetterberg’s takeaway, yet he doesn’t even get an assist because he was the fourth man on the play.

Luke Glendening vs. Anaheim Ducks

Luke Glendening signed an extension this offseason, but it certainly wasn’t for his goal-scoring skills.

It took him 52 goals to pot his first goal last year, but it took him just two games this season to sneak one five-hole on Anaheim Ducks goalie Frederick Andersen.

Nyquist vs. Anaheim Ducks

Nyquist is the beneficiary of another Zetterberg play, but this time, Zetterberg gets the primary assist. The captain hits Nyquist on a long stretch pass, and Nyquist fakes the shot, and wrists it over the catching glove of Andersen for a goal-scorer’s goal.

These are the kinds of goals you can expect Nyquist to score more of during his career.

Nyquist vs. Boston Bruins

It’s no coincidence Nyquist is on here three times. The Red Wings have scored only six goals, and Nyquist has half of them.

On this power-play goal, Nyquist got pass from the point at the half-boards, walked in with the space that was given to him and wristed a shot past Tuukka Rask to tie the game at 2-2.

Teams are going to start learning you can’t leave Nyquist that open, or he will make you pay.