Toronto Maple Leafs Schedule – 2023-24

10/11/20237:00Montreal Canadiens
10/14/20237:00Minnesota Wild
10/16/20237:00Chicago Blackhawks
10/19/20237:00@Florida Panthers
10/21/20237:00@Tampa Bay Lightning
10/24/20236:00@Washington Capitals
10/26/20238:00@Dallas Stars
10/28/20237:00@Nashville Predators
10/31/20238:00Los Angeles Kings
11/2/20237:00@Boston Bruins
11/4/20237:00Buffalo Sabres
11/6/20237:00Tampa Bay Lightning
11/8/20237:00Ottawa Senators
11/10/20237:00Calgary Flames
11/11/20237:00Vancouver Canucks
11/17/20232:00@Detroit Red Wings
11/19/20238:00@Minnesota Wild
11/24/20232:00@Chicago Blackhawks
11/25/20237:00@Pittsburgh Penguins
11/28/20237:00Florida Panthers
11/30/20237:00Seattle Kraken
12/2/20237:00Boston Bruins
12/7/20237:00@Ottawa Senators
12/9/20237:00Nashville Predators
12/11/20237:00@New York Islanders
12/12/20237:00@New York Rangers
12/14/20237:00Columbus Blue Jackets
12/16/20237:00Pittsburgh Penguins
12/19/20237:00New York Rangers
12/21/20237:00@Buffalo Sabres
12/23/20237:00@Columbus Blue Jackets
12/27/20237:00Ottawa Senators
12/29/20237:00@Columbus Blue Jackets
12/30/20237:00Carolina Hurricanes
1/2/202410:30@Los Angeles Kings
1/3/20249:00@Anaheim Ducks
1/6/20247:00@San Jose Sharks
1/9/20247:00San Jose Sharks
1/11/20247:30@New York Islanders
1/13/20247:00Colorado Avalanche
1/14/20247:00Detroit Red Wings
1/16/20249:00@Edmonton Oilers
1/18/20249:00@Calgary Flames
1/20/20247:00@Vancouver Canucks
1/21/20249:00@Seattle Kraken
1/24/20247:00Winnipeg Jets
1/27/20247:00@Winnipeg Jets
2/5/20247:00New York Islanders
2/7/20247:00Dallas Stars
2/10/20247:00@Ottawa Senators
2/13/20247:00St. Louis Blues
2/15/20247:00Philadelphia Flyers
2/17/20247:00Anaheim Ducks
2/19/20241:00@St. Louis Blues
2/21/202410:00@Arizona Coyotes
2/22/202410:00@Vegas Golden Knights
2/24/20247:00@Colorado Avalanche
2/27/20247:00Vegas Golden Knights
2/29/20247:00Arizona Coyotes
3/2/20247:00New York Rangers
3/4/20247:00Boston Bruins
3/6/20247:00Buffalo Sabres
3/7/20247:00@Boston Bruins
3/9/20247:00@Montreal Canadiens
3/14/20247:00@Philadelphia Flyers
3/16/20247:00Carolina Hurricanes
3/19/20247:00@Philadelphia Flyers
3/20/20247:30@Washington Capitals
3/23/20247:00Edmonton Oilers
3/24/20246:00@Carolina Hurricanes
3/26/20247:00New Jersey Devils
3/28/20247:00Washington Capitals
3/30/20247:00@Buffalo Sabres
4/1/20247:00Florida Panthers
4/3/20247:00Tampa Bay Lightning
4/6/20247:00@Montreal Canadiens
4/8/20247:00Pittsburgh Penguins
4/9/20247:00@New Jersey Devils
4/11/20247:00New Jersey Devils
4/13/20247:00Detroit Red Wings
4/16/20247:00@Florida Panthers
4/17/20247:00@Tampa Bay Lightning

The Toronto Maple Leafs, one of the most iconic and storied franchises in the National Hockey League (NHL), hold a special place in the hearts of hockey fans around the world. Founded in 1917, the team boasts a rich history that is deeply intertwined with the sport’s development. The Maple Leafs, often simply referred to as the “Leafs,” have won a total of 13 Stanley Cup championships, cementing their legacy as a powerhouse in the league. Despite facing periods of drought in recent decades, the team’s passionate fan base remains unwavering in their support.

The Maple Leafs’ history is punctuated by legendary players who have left an indelible mark on the sport. Figures like Tim Horton, Darryl Sittler, and Mats Sundin have captivated audiences and helped solidify the franchise’s enduring popularity. The team’s iconic blue and white jerseys, adorned with the distinct maple leaf logo, have become synonymous with hockey excellence and Canada’s deep-rooted connection to the game. Scotiabank Arena serves as the team’s home, hosting an array of unforgettable moments and providing a gathering place for generations of dedicated fans.

While the Maple Leafs have experienced championship glory in the past, their quest for the Stanley Cup continues. Recent years have seen the team reinvigorate its roster with top-tier talent like Auston Matthews and Mitch Marner, signaling a renewed commitment to success. The enduring devotion of Leafs Nation, a fan base that spans generations and crosses borders, remains a driving force behind the team’s journey. As they strive to reclaim their former glory, the Maple Leafs’ legacy and impact on the NHL remain undeniable, ensuring their place in the annals of hockey history.