Tortorella Seeking Home For Hounds

John Tortorella is a devoted man.

Whether you are talking about his dedication to the game of hockey and the Columbus Blue Jackets, or his work with the Tortorella foundation, he is as devoted and passionate as anybody.

This holiday season, he needs your help. Have you ever wanted to have lunch with an NHL head coach? Are you interested in adopting a foster pet? Well you have come to the right place. Tortorella has an offer for you.

In a recent interview with the radio voice of the Columbus Blue Jackets Bob McElligott, Tortorella shared his need with the public. Click on the link in the tweet below to listen to the full interview. Fast forward to 11:15 to hear the question and Tortorella’s answer.

Foster Dogs Available For Adoption

As of this writing, the dogs are still available. Whether you are interested in Diamond, Callie, or any of the other dogs he has, Tortorella is 100 percent serious about his offer. If you are interested in learning more or seeing the dogs for yourself, reach out to myself, McElligott or someone within the Blue Jackets organization. We will get the message to Tortorella. He will then get in contact with you.

As stated in the interview, Tortorella will invite you over to his house to discuss this in detail.

“This isn’t about money. It will cost you NOTHING. It’s about saving these animals,” Tortorella said. “If it’s not hockey, that is the most important thing in our lives as far as our family. We’re at anybody’s disposal. If you need to get in touch with me, we’ll talk about it and see if things can work out.”

The Tortorella Foundation

John and his wife Christine started the Tortorella Foundation in part to help save animals from being euthanized. Specifically, “Bear’s Angels” is a program that supports the efforts of those who work together to aid animals in need of assistance that fall outside of traditional animal welfare shelters. The program partners with shelters, rescues and individuals who catch “fallen angels.” Those are animals requiring additional training and TLC, elderly animals who do not shelter well and those with medical issues that rescues cannot address. Bear is the name of Tortorella’s beloved dog.

Earlier in the season, McElligott and Jody Shelley sat and talked with Tortorella about his passion for animals and where it all started for him.

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Check out what the Tortorella Foundation does with donations that come in.

“We pledge to be forthright and involved with each entity we designate a recipient of any dollars we give through the foundation,” he said. “Our family will often respond to time sensitive critical situations, with our  personal support, because the need is immediate. There are often crisis situations, and immediate help may save a life of an animal.”

Have you thought about adopting a dog for yourself? Do you know someone who could be interested in adoption? Help spread the word. Tortorella will do anything in his power to facilitate this for you.

If you are interested in having Tortorella reach you, email me at We’ll get your message to him in a timely manner.