Tragic Denna Laing Update

On January 8th the National Women’s Hockey League released an update on the condition of Boston Pride forward, Denna Laing.

The Boston Pride and the Les Canadiennes of the CWHL played each other in the first ever women’s Winter Classic on New Years Eve. What should have been a happy memory turned into a nightmare towards the end of the first period.

Laing awkwardly fell into the boards after stepping on a Les Canadiennes stick. She didn’t move or get up causing the team and family to recognize the situation was graver than first thought. Trainers and medical staff rushed to Laing’s side tending to her as the clock ran down. Eventually they were able to carry Laing off on a stretcher and take her to the hospital.

No word had been received about her condition until today.

According to today’s press release Laing suffered a spinal cord injury which has left her unable to feel her legs.

Tragically, Denna suffered a severe spinal cord injury playing the sport she loves. As of today, Denna has limited movement of her arms and no feeling in her legs. Our prayer going forward is that Denna can be moved from the Intensive Care Unit to a Rehabilitation Center and continue to fight everyday with her trademark grit and resolve.

  • Jerilyn and Dennis Laing – Denna Laing’s Parents

The Laings have been overwhelemed by the amount of love and support Denna has received during this trying time. In the press release they took time to thank those for their support.

We have received an incredible outpouring of love and support from countless friends and family members while we try to navigate this overwhelming situation. We are eternally grateful to everyone who continues to offer support as we take on this challenge together.

  • Jerilyn and Dennis Laing – Denna Laing’s Parents

The commissioner of the NWHL, Dani Rylan, stated in the press release they are doing what they can to help alleviate the financial burden during Laing’s hospital stay and recovery.

To reflect our admiration for her as a player and our appreciation for her contribution to the NWHL’s first season, we are working with the Laings, our business partners and others to respond compassionately and appropriately to her injury. We will announce further details as soon as plans are formalized.

  • Dani Rylan – NWHL Commissioner

The NWHL will be showing their support of Laing by wearing her number, 24, on their helmets.

Denna’s drive to excel has inspired teammates and coaches alike; in honor of that attribute, I have directed our teams to wear a helmet sticker bearing her uniform number, 24.

  • Dani Rylan – NWHL Commissioner

The NWHL isn’t the only one publically showing their support of Laing. The NHL and New England Patriots (NFL) also put out statements regarding the situation.

A hashtag has also been formed for those to show their unending support for the tenacious Laing.

#14Strong has taken off through out the hockey community as a show of support for Laing and her family. Many teams have already tweeted their support with an attached photo of their players standing in shape of the number 14.

Laing’s number in college was 14.




The Laing family has set up a website, , for those interested in following along with her progress and contributing.