Vancouver Canucks: Top Ten Must Follow Twitter Accounts

Its safe to say that no sport’s media, teams and fans have mastered Twitter the way hockey fans have. The hockey world has embraced the social media outlet and it is a way for fans to connect with each other, their favorite teams and players. News often breaks on Twitter before traditional media has had a chance to report it. The Vancouver Canucks and their nation of fans are among the most active and entertaining Twitter groups out there.

John Tortorella
John Tortorella doesn’t want you on Twitter (James Guillory-US PRESSWIRE)

With that in mind you can imagine the raised eyebrows when new coach John Tortorella came out and blasted our favorite social media gidget.

Would this curb the Canucks Twitter habits? So far it hasn’t and even if it did, there are plenty of non player Canucks related Twitter accounts you should be following. Here they are in no particular order.

Canucks Twitter Must Follows

1.@Strombone1 – All Canucks Twitter talks has to begin with Roberto Luongo’s Twitter account. While he has never publicly owned up to running this account the world is pretty much aware that it is his — and it is great. Loungo is one of the funniest players in the NHL and this account proves it. It’s always entertaining, often self-deprecating and gives us an inside glimpse at the Canucks goalie’s wicked sense of humor.

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2. @CanucksArmy – One of the stronger Canucks blogs out there Canucks Army is just as informative and entertaining on Twitter. They love fancy stats over at Canucks Army so you will learn a lot about Corsi, Fenwick and zone starts. But that’s not all you’ll get from them, they can bring the humor as well as anyone in the Canucks universe. You’ll need to recognize and appreciate sarcasm with this group.

3. @eddielack – There is something about Canucks goalies that screams Twitter greatness. The new back up in town, Eddie Lack mastered the Twitter machine while he was still minding net in the AHL and now that he is up with the big club he is a must follow. Get ready for some Swedish humor.

4. @passittobulis – Another of the many fine Canucks blogs that you can find out there Pass It To Bulis will entertain and inform during and in between games.

5. @botchford  – This is the official account of Vancouver Province writer Jason Botchford who covers the Canucks and caused a mini-explosion in the hockey world by running Joe Thornton’s off color quotes about scoring four goals.

6. @Ryan_Kesler – The Canucks center is not the most popular Vancouver player with every other team but he is loved by Cancuks fans. He doesn’t tweet much but when he does its usually to chirp one of his teammates or praising his home state.

7. @TheStanchion — Other wise known as Wyatt Arndt, The Stanchion is one of the lead writers for The Province’s Legion of Blog and is always entertaining. He’s a master of photoshop and is a fun follow during games or in between. He ran a fake season during last year’s lock out that was near genius and got attention from Eddie Lack and Robert Luongo.

8. @HarrisonMooney — Harrison Mooney’s writing can be found at Pass it to Bulis, The Vancouver Sun and Puck Daddy so you may have run across him already. On Twitter he is equally entertaining and gives you another humorous look at your favorite hockey team.

9. @ThomasDrance — Drance writes for more hockey sites than can possibly be listed here but is one of the main cohorts over at Canucks Army. He will feed you a steady diet of fancy stats, but has found a way to make them entertaining. Drance also likes to take on over-used media narratives head on and do his best to dispel them.

10. @camcharron — Cam Charron also can be found writing for many different outlets including Canucks Army, Yahoo and Leafs Nation. He is well versed in fancy stats and is not afraid to call out media that are lazy and rely on old outdated analysis. Can be snarky at times but always has an interesting and often entertaining take on the Canucks and the NHL.

Who are your favorite Canucks Twitter accounts?






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