Women In Fantasy Hockey: Our LA Story

Jonathan Quick Kings
Jonathan Quick has been a fantasy stalwart this year but our interviewee has been amazing in her own right. (Ric Tapia/Icon SMI)

We did go far and wide in our searches. The goal was not just to find women who were involved in fantasy hockey but women that were at various levels. After all, variety is the best spice in life.

When researching for this series, we stumbled upon several potential people that we could ask questions. One happened to be Tracy and her posts for the Los Angeles Kings revealed a love for fantasy hockey. It made sense naturally to interview her of course. She was gracious enough to answer my questions and though this is short and sweet, the answers are frank and honest.

This was our first Q&A and here are Tracy’s answers below. The goal is to provide awareness but more importantly honesty in a growing segment of the fantasy hockey population. These are our ten questions.

1. What level of fantasy player best describes you?

Only play fantasy hockey but during the last few seasons I’ve played more than one and I go on everyday to set my roster. I am currently playing in the ESPN playoff fantasy. I’m 5th! :-)
2. What type of fantasy leagues do you typically enter?
Yahoo and ESPN -non betting ones. Just for prestige, lol.

3. What was the hardest thing you had to learn about fantasy hockey?

How to navigate thru the actual websites. How to get new players when you have hurt ones, etc

4. Were you more concerned with how the competition would adapt to you or you to the competition?

Not worried about either – Well, maybe I thought I would be last? But I did not really care about that so not sure if this applies to me.
5. If there was a low point in your fantasy hockey season, what was it and why?
I picked my favorites on one team and did a second team with the best players including ones I hated and they did better. Sucks, but such is reality. Can’t always have your favs if you want to win…and I do.
6. What was the most satisfying point in your fantasy hockey
experience this year?
That I learned I was pretty good at it and it was fun. Ended up in 2nd in the league (best ones)
7. What was the most valuable lesson learned this year?
Pick the best players even if they bug you. Like Kessler. Nah, don’t’ even pick him.
8. Is there something to the fact that a women’s intuition serves a
woman well in competitive situations?
We are probably more patient. I tend to make less moves than the men. ie when a player is out for a few games, I’ll just bench him until he is better and then continue play when he is back in the lineup. Men will drop him fast. lol, and pick up another player. But I’m afraid someone will pick my guy up so I tend to keep them maybe longer than I should. BUT!!! I may be a little more callas this next season because I will tend to drop someone quicker if I don’t’ really care about them as a player. Like anyone on the Ducks. :-)
9. Do you see yourself joining any more fantasy leagues next year?
Oh yeah! A lot of fun to set my roster in the morning before I go to work with my coffee. Love it.
10. Lastly, what would you say to a female interested in joining a
fantasy hockey league?
Go for it! don’t be shy. This is one of the reasons I started lakingshockeyforwomen.com. Because I wanted a safe place for women to go and talk or learn and not be made fun of like other sites. No one will say “cool story bro” if they voice their opinion that others may not agree. I even have one reader who has already stated she wants to play fantasy hockey next season with me. She has been afraid to do it in the past but saw me post about it so she decided to jump in! good for her!
This is just the beginning ladies and gentlemen. Over the course of the summer, there will be more of these interviews and maybe including a few who would be considered a bit of a surprise.