2013 NHL Draft: Winners and Losers

The first round of the 2013 NHL Entry Draft is now complete and we have seen some drama and surprises. Players falling further than they should, highway robbery, and future’s of NHL team’s looking bright or dim. Like in every draft there are some winners and some losers. I’ll go through and tell you who I think are the winners and the losers of the NHL Entry Draft.




  • New Jersey Devils
Cory Schneider

The Vancouver Police Department and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police now have a warrant out for Lou Lamoriello’s arrest following the trade he pulled off with the Vancouver Canucks. Lamoriello and the Devils were able to acquire the heir apparent to Martin Brodeur’s throne in Cory Schneider. All the Devils had to give up? The ninth overall pick. That’s it.

The Edmonton Oilers were prepared to offer a first, second, and a top prospect for Schneider, but Mike Gillis probably didn’t like the idea of his goaltender heading to a division rival. You have to believe there were better offers for Schneider on the table than just the ninth overall pick. The Canucks ended up with Bo Horvat, a good player, and now have an irate Roberto Luongo (more on him later).

Perhaps that’s why Lou Lamoriello is just one of the best GM’s in the game.

  • Nashville Predators

Seth Jones [David Chan]
Seth Jones [David Chan]
If you said just yesterday that Seth Jones would fall all the way down to the number four pick and the Nashville Predators, you would have had a one-way ticket to Bellevue Mental Hospital. Somehow, some way it did happen and the Predators are laughing hysterically about the gem that fell into their laps.

Seth Jones had been projected as a number one overall player for many, many weeks, but after Nathan McKinnon was drafted by Colorado, all bets were off. You thought that the Florida Panthers would have taken him, but instead drafted the Russian/Finnish Aleksander Barkov. Tampa Bay obviously chose Jonathan Drouin and then that left the Predators.

Just one season after losing Ryan Suter, Nashville gets their defenseman of the future in Seth Jones, a player that wasn’t supposed to have fallen this far. It was an absolute no-brainer for the Predators to take Seth Jones and all of a sudden the future looks pretty good in Nashville.

  • Calgary Flames

Sean Monahan of the Ottawa 67's. Photo by Aaron Bell/OHL Images

If you were watching the NHL Draft today, you probably couldn’t help but hear over and over again that this is the most important draft in the history of the Calgary Flames. No question that it was important with three first round picks and needing a great draft to help rebuild the team and replace beloved captain Jarome Iginla.

With their first pick, the Flames went with Sean Monahan from the Ottawa 67’s. Monahan is a great scorer and was actually a very solid pick at #6. Needing to find a new center, Monahan will be the future of the Calgary Flames top line and will make fans forget all about Iginla.

With their second and third picks, the Flames went with Emile Poirier and Morgan Klimchuk respectively. Both wingers, Jay Feaster and the Flames made their draft strategy clear: focus on offense. It was a very solid draft for the Flames, but I think they could have drafted a defenseman to even it all out, but you really can’t complain if you are a Flames fan.

  • Phoenix Coyotes or wherever there may move
Max Domi has grown accustomed to winning at a young age. (Terry Wilson/OHL Images)
Max Domi has grown accustomed to winning at a young age. (Terry Wilson/OHL Images)

The Phoenix Coyotes are in a weird spot right now. Their future in Phoenix is in serious doubt and no one seems to know what the future will bring. The Coyotes went about business as usual and selected a very good player in Max Domi.

Domi is a very talented player and could be the player that saves this franchise. Domi’s play and pedigree could have fans wanting to pre-order tickets and proving to the city of Glendale that the residents do in fact care about hockey. I know it’s kind of out there, but Domi could save this franchise.

On the other hand, if they do move to, say, Seattle, the team has a new star for it’s new home. Domi could be the face of the new Seattle franchise and create buzz. He could make Seattle the next big hockey town as people will see his playmaking ability and see how great of a player he really is.

No matter what happens with the Coyotes home, they have Max Domi and he will certainly make this team better in the long run, Phoenix or not.




  • Roberto Luongo
Roberto Luongo in Long Island certainly makes sense. (Icon SMI)
Roberto Luongo can’t be happy after Schneider was dealt today. (Icon SMI)

Roberto Luongo was all set and ready to start anew in a new city with a new team and put the past behind him. That all changed this afternoon when his backup Cory Schneider was dealt to the New Jersey Devils. All of a sudden, Luongo is the guy once again in net for the Canucks.

Luongo doesn’t have to be too happy with this move. He was supposed to be the guy to leave, not Schneider, and now after coming to terms with leaving Vancouver, he is their guy for the time being.

Head coach John Tortorella will get his first big assignment as Canucks coach and that is to talk to Luongo and make him want to stay in Vancouver. It’s not going to be an easy sell and Mike Gillis may have just shot himself right in the foot.

  • Winnipeg Jets

Josh Morrissey
Josh Morrissey is one of the top puckmoving defenseman available for the 2013 NHL draft. [photo: David Chan]
The Winnipeg Jets with the 13th overall pick made the first head scratching selection of the draft when they took defenseman Josh Morrissey.

Morrissey was projected as a late first round pick, but Winnipeg decided to take him as a lottery pick. It was a bit of a reach for the Jets to take Morrissey considering other defensemen like Ryan Pulock and Nikita Zadorov were still on the board. Morrissey is a solid defenseman, but at number 13, I just don’t know.

If the Jets were so high on Morrisey, thet could have traded down and stockpiled some picks for later and still get their guy in Morrissey. Instead they make an odd choice at picking a late first round talent in the lottery.

  • Philadelphia Flyers

Samuel Morin playing for Team Cherry in the Top Prospect Game [photo: David Chan]
Samuel Morin playing for Team Cherry in the Top Prospect Game [photo: David Chan]
It seemed like a given that the Flyers were going to go with a defenseman with the tenth overall pick, but this pick again confused me.

The Flyers selected Rimouski Oceanic defenseman Sam Morin with the tenth pick. Again, with Pulock and Zadorov on the board they go sort of off the board with this pick. The problem with Morin is that he is very raw. He is a physical player with great size and great potential, but again is a raw player.

The selection of Morin is a risky one at number ten and Paul Holmgren just seemingly can’t make a right move so far this offseason. If Morin can reach his potential, he will be a fantastic defenseman, but it is up in the air right now. Risky pick too early for the Flyers.


Who do you think were the winners and losers of the 2013 NHL Draft? Comment below with your thoughts or sent me a Tweet, @MarkWGraham


7 thoughts on “2013 NHL Draft: Winners and Losers”

  1. Winners: Barkov for going #2 and probably stepping up right away on a line with Huberdeau.

    Winner: Steven Stamkos for getting Jonathan Drouin who can feed him the puck when Marty retires

    Winner: Toronto Maple Leafs for getting 2 big C in the draft, Bolland via trade, and Frederick Gauthier 1st round draft pick

    Losers: Pittsburg Penguins who giving up so many picks for Douglas Murray, Brenden Morrow, and Jarome Iginla, then trading away more picks to get a Goalie (when they already have a very good goalie prospect in Eric Hartzell or Matt Murray)

    Losers: Vancouver Canucks for NOT firing Mike Gillis before draft day came along…

    Losers: Philly for passing over so much talent, while they could have moved down in the draft and pick up another couple of picks.

  2. Great column, Mark.

    We are all entitled to our opinions, but I feel it is important to consider more than just the first round. I agree with Chris Ralph, for instance, that the Jets had a terrific draft swinging for a host of home run picks. In addition to Morrissey, the Jets acquired terrific third-liner/penalty killer M. Frolik from Chicago and acquired a pair of players later with first-round upside in Petan and Lodge.

    Missing from your “winners” was Buffalo — wow, what a draft they had. In addition to a pair of terrific high-upside d-men in the first round in Ristolainen and Zadorov, they turned a second-pairing defenseman in Sekera into a third-pairing defenseman (McBain) and the pick of JT Compher, a can’t-miss second line bull who hits everything and has Dustin Brown-like upside. Then they drafted a trio of high-ceiling studs in Hurley, Bailey and Baptiste.

  3. @chris numerous teams passed on hunter so don’t just say that flames. Holmgren needs to be fired and the jets had a decent draft.

  4. I actually would have Winnipeg as a top 5 in terms of draft day performance. Josh Morrissey was very underrated. I had him ranked 12th overall in my rankings. Nic Petan, Comrie, Lodge, Lipon and Koastalek were also very good value picks.

    Flames: Poirier’s development will forever be linked to that of Hunter Shinkaruk’s. Not sure how the Flames could have passed on Hunter.

    • I still think Emile Poirier’s was a reach, but the kid was a force in the latter part of the season! He has Breakaway speed, quick shot, can be a playmaker, and has some physical presence while dropping the gloves a few times. I think he will be a perfect 2nd liner for Calgary in 2-3 years!

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