2016 Combine Heights & Weights

Welcome to fitness testing day at the NHL Combine.

Starting at 7:30 am and continuing throughout the day, the top prospects eligible for the 2016 draft will complete their fitness testing. Before they start their tests, they get measured and weighed.

We will keep you updated all day from the Combine with heights and weights of prospects. We will have the top 50 North American skaters, the top 10 European skaters as well as the top goalies for you here. Keep checking back throughout the day for updates. As soon as we know, you will know here. If you are curious as to someone not on this list, feel free to reach out to me on Twitter @thwmark. We’ll do what we can to get that for you.

Tage Thompson of the University of Connecticut
University of Connecticut star Tage Thompson among the early testers. (courtesy UConn Athletic Communications)

7:30 am

Vitaly Abramov (29th NA): Listed: 5-foot-9, 175 lbs  Combine: 5-foot-9, 175 lbs

Adam Fox (50th NA): Listed: 5-foot-10, 185 lbs  Combine: 5-foot-10.75, 185 lbs

Tim Gettinger (37th NA): Listed: 6-foot-5, 200 lbs  Combine: 6-foot-5.75, 200 lbs

Libor Hajek (31st NA): Listed: 6-foot-2, 196 lbs  Combine: 6-foot-1.5, 196 lbs

Simon Stransky (48th NA): Listed: 5-foot-11, 178 lbs  Combine: 5-foot-11, 185.44 lbs

Tage Thompson (20th NA): Listed: 6-foot-5, 185 lbs  Combine: 6-foot-5.5, 195.22 lbs

Mikhail Sergachev of the Windsor Spitfires
Mikhail Sergachev could go in the top 10 at the NHL Draft. (Terry Wilson/OHL Images)

8:30 am

Frederic Allard (32nd NA): Listed: 6-foot-1, 179 lbs  Combine: Did not test today.

William Bitten (43rd NA): Listed: 5-foot-10, 167 lbs  Combine: 5-foot-10, 167 lbs

Filip Hronek (8th Euro): Listed: 6-foot, 163 lbs  Combine: 6-foot, 163.06 lbs

Lucas Johansen (26th NA): Listed: 6-foot-2, 176 lbs  Combine: 6-foot-1.75, 175.44 lbs

German Rubtsov (5th Euro): Listed: 6-foot-2, 178 lbs  Combine: 6-foot-0.5, 189.74 lbs

Mikhail Sergachev (8th NA): Listed: 6-foot-2, 208 lbs  Combine: 6-foot-2.25, 221.36 lbs

Luke Kunin of the Wisconsin Badgers
Wisconsin’s Luke Kunin could provide great value late in the first round. (David Stluka/UW Athletic Communications)

9:30 am

Jake Bean (15th NA): Listed: 6-foot, 173 lbs  Combine: 6-foot-0.75, 173 lbs

Kale Clague (27th NA): Listed: 6-foot, 177 lbs  Combine: 5-foot-11.75, 184.38 lbs

Dillon Dube (41st NA): Listed: 5-foot-10, 182 lbs  Combine: 5-foot-10.5, 183.4 lbs

Samuel Girard (38th NA): Listed: 5-foot-10, 162 lbs  Combine: 5-foot-9, 160.02 lbs

Brett Howden (22nd NA): Listed: 6-foot-2, 193 lbs  Combine: 6-foot-2, 189.82 lbs

Luke Kunin (11th NA): Listed: 6-foot, 193 lbs  Combine: 5-foot-11.25, 192.72 lbs

Pascal LaBarge (28th NA): Listed: 6-foot-1, 172 lbs  Combine: 6-foot-1, 173.6 lbs

Maxime Lajoie (44th NA): Listed: 6-foot-1, 183 lbs  Combine: 6-foot-0.5, 180.12 lbs

Auston Matthews (1st Euro): Listed: 6-foot-2, 210 lbs  Combine: 6-foot-2.25, 216.22 lbs

Jakob Chychrun could be the best defenseman available in the entire draft. (Metcalfe Photography)
Jakob Chychrun could be the best defenseman available in the entire draft. (Metcalfe Photography)

10:30 am

Dennis Cholowski (23rd NA): Listed: 6-foot, 170 lbs  Combine: 6-foot-1, 177.4 lbs

Jakob Chychrun (4th NA): Listed: 6-foot-2, 205 lbs  Combine: 6-foot-2, 199.86 lbs

Pierre-Luc Dubois (1st NA): Listed: 6-foot-2, 201 lbs  Combine: 6-foot-2.25, 204.98 lbs

Dante Fabbro (18th NA): Listed: 6-foot, 189 lbs  Combine: 6-foot-0.5, 191.98 lbs

Evan Fitzpatrick (1st NA Goalie): Listed: 6-foot-3, 206 lbs  Combine: 6-foot-2, 202.96 lbs

Carter Hart (2nd NA Goalie): Listed: 6-foot, 180 lbs  Combine: 6-foot-1, 180 lbs

Tyson Jost (16th NA): Listed: 5-foot-11, 191 lbs  Combine: 5-foot-11, 189.5 lbs

Jordan Kyrou (34th NA): Listed: 6-foot, 175 lbs  Combine: 6-foot, 169.48 lbs

Alexander Nylander, OHL, Mississauga Steelheads
Alex Nylander is expected to go in the Top 10. (Photo by Aaron Bell/OHL Images)

11:30 am

Tyler Benson (24th NA): Listed: 6-foot, 201 lbs  Combine: 5-foot-11.5, 196.7 lbs

Logan Brown (7th NA): Listed: 6-foot-6, 220 lbs  Combine: 6-foot-6.25, 220 lbs

Julien Gauthier (12th NA): Listed: 6-foot-4, 225 lbs  Combine: 6-foot-3, 230.62 lbs

Noah Gregor (45th NA): Listed: 5-foot-11, 175 lbs  Combine: 5-foot-11.25, 174.8 lbs

Michael McLeod (13th NA): Listed: 6-foot-2, 188 lbs  Combine: 6-foot-2, 185 lbs

Alexander Nylander (3rd NA): Listed: 6-foot, 180 lbs  Combine: 6-foot-0.5, 178 lbs

Sam Steel (30th NA): Listed: 5-foot-11, 178 lbs  Combine: 5-foot-11, 178.08 lbs

*Matthew Tkachuk (2nd NA): Listed: 6-foot-2, 200 lbs  Combine: Did not participate

*Tkachuk is ruled out of fitness testing.

Tyler Parsons, OHL, London Knights
Tyler Parsons led the London Knights to a Memorial Cup championship. (Photo by Terry Wilson / OHL Images.)

1:00 pm

Kieffer Bellows (10th NA): Listed: 6-foot, 196 lbs  Combine: 6-foot, 197.32 lbs

Alex DeBrincat (21st NA): Listed: 5-foot-7, 163 lbs  Combine: 5-foot-7, 165.36 lbs

Max Jones (14th NA): Listed: 6-foot-2, 203 lbs  Combine: Did not partake in testing

Jack Kopacka (33rd NA): Listed: 6-foot-2, 185 lbs  Combine: 6-foot-1.75, 190.88 lbs

Ryan Lindgren (49th NA): Listed: 6-foot, 198 lbs  Combine: 5-foot-11.75 and 203 lbs

Tyler Parsons (3rd NA Goalie): Listed: 6-foot-1, 184 lbs  Combine: Did not partake in testing

Clayton Keller of the U.S. National Development Team
Clayton Keller is one of the more dynamic talents available in this draft. (courtesy U.S. National Development Team)

2:00 pm

Nathan Bastian (35th NA): Listed: 6-foot-4, 205 lbs  Combine: 6-foot-4.5, 206.34 lbs

Trent Frederic (47th NA): Listed: 6-foot-2, 203 lbs  Combine: 6-foot-1.75, 203.98 lbs

Olli Juolevi (5th NA): Listed: 6-foot-2, 182 lbs  Combine: Did not participate in testing

Boris Katchouk (25th NA): Listed: 6-foot-1, 192 lbs  Combine: 6-foot-1.25, 190.3 lbs

Clayton Keller (9th NA): Listed: 5-foot-10, 168 lbs  Combine: 5-foot-10, 163.98 lbs

Logan Stanley (19th NA): Listed: 6-foot-7, 225 lbs  Combine: 6-foot-7, 224 lbs

Riley Tufte (17th NA): Listed: 6-foot-5, 205 lbs  Combine: 6-foot-5, 211.16 lbs

Patrik Laine
Patrik Laine thinks he can go number one overall.(Photo: Mika Kylmaniemi/Tappara Tampere)

3:00 pm

Patrik Laine (2nd Euro): Listed: 6-foot-4, 206 lbs  Combine: 6-foot-3.75, 201.3 lbs

Adam Mascherin (42nd NA): Listed: 5-foot-10, 206 lbs  Combine: 5-foot-9, 192.8 lbs

Cam Morrison (46th NA): Listed: 6-foot-2, 200 lbs  Combine: 6-foot-2.5, 208.78 lbs

*Jesse Puljujarvi (3rd Euro): Listed: 6-foot-4, 203 lbs  Combine: Did not participate

Taylor Raddysh (36th NA): Listed: 6-foot-2, 203 lbs  Combine: 6-foot-1.5, 203.2 lbs

*Puljujarvi is ruled out of fitness testing.

Cam Dineen, North Bay Battalion, OHL
Cam Dineen surged up the rankings in the 2nd half of the season. (Photo by Aaron Bell/OHL Images)

4:00 pm

Rasmus Asplund (4th Euro): Listed: 5-foot-11, 176 lbs  Combine: 5-foot-10.25, 176.32 lbs

Henrik Borgstrom (9th Euro): Listed: 6-foot-3, 176 lbs  Combine: 6-foot-3, 176 lbs

Cam Dineen (39th NA): Listed: 5-foot-11, 183 lbs  Combine: 5-foot-11, 185.34 lbs

Carl Grundstrom (6th Euro): Listed: 6-foot, 194 lbs  Combine: 5-foot-11.5, 194.66 lbs

Linus Lindstrom (10th Euro): Listed: 5-foot-11, 164 lbs  Combine: 5-foot-11.75, 164.6 lbs

Charles McAvoy (6th NA): Listed: 6-foot, 208 lbs  Combine: 6-foot-0.25, 199.3 lbs

5:00 pm

Filip Gustavsson (1st Euro Goalie): Listed: 6-foot-2, 184 lbs  Combine: 6-foot-1.5, 189.54 lbs