Avalanche Stadium Series Jerseys Revealed

A press conference was held Monday at Coors Field revealing the new Colorado Avalanche Stadium Series jerseys. These jerseys will only be worn for the outdoor game against the Red Wings, as the Avalanche already have a new third jersey as well.

Avalanche captain Gabe Landeskog along with Stan Kroenke, Joe Sakic, and Patrick Roy were there to show off the new sweaters and talk a bit about the game itself.

Looking Sharp

The number 5,280 featured on the collar represents a mile, a nice little touch for “The Mile High City”.

The numbers on the sleeve are large so the fans who are attending the outdoor game can more easily read them. Though it does take away from the look a bit, it’s not a huge deal.

Here’s a video of captain Landeskog talking a little about the new jerseys and his excitement for the game.

What Do You Think?

The only issue I have with the jerseys is the new ‘C’ shoulder patch being used as the primary logo. They could have looked a lot nicer if they used the logo they are going with on the new third jerseys, which also featured the Colorado ‘C’ but looks much sleeker overall.

However, these jerseys will look very nice when combined with the Avs black shorts and the whole uniform is on display. One thing is for certain, these new jerseys will look nice no matter what in celebration over the Red Wings.

What do you guys think? Have your say in the comments section below.