Beau Bennett Gets One Year From Pittsburgh

On Wednesday, the Pittsburgh Penguins re-signed forward Beau Bennett to a one-year deal.

The deal is worth $800K according to the team. Like many teams who are stopping the farce of not disclosing contract terms and then having them leaked seconds later, the Penguins have included financial terms in their announcement. He will still be a restricted free agent when the deal expires.

The 23-year-old forward played in a career-high 49 games last season, scoring four goals and eights assists for the Penguins. He’ll be entering a prove-it season with his one-year deal.

His scoring rate declined last year in the first season where he played over 27 games. He posted a 1.3 P/60 at even strength, down from 1.4 and 2.0 in previous seasons. He’s shown an ability to drive play even in rough zone starts (-6.7% ZSO%Rel), which could make him a valuable third depth wing, if he can stay healthy and provide secondary scoring and continue to post a positive relative Corsi in predominantly defensive zone starts.

The California-native is a veteran of 96 career NHL games, with 10 goals and 23 assists over that span.

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Advanced stats via War on Ice.