Blackhawks “Bandwagon Fans” – A Badge of Honor

One of the more curious digs (amongst many), made towards Chicago Blackhawks fans revolves around calling them so-called “Bandwagon Fans”. As far as I can tell, that term is meant to be an insult.

Case in point:

Please allow me to ease that hate and pain with what I believe Chicago Blackhawks Bandwagon fans stand for:

The Blackhawks fans stand and cheer proudly for the National Anthem. It is an absolute sign of respect. Famed Anthem singer Jim Cornelison told in 2008 “I love hearing from veterans that I brought tears to their eyes.” How can you seriously question this:

Blackhawks Bandwagon fans stand for history. As a member of the Original Six, Blackhawks hockey has been played in Chicago longer than almost all of us have been alive. They have been playing NHL hockey since 1926 under Coach Peter Muldoon and have played in over 6,100 regular season games. The Blackhawks have made the playoffs 60 times! Team Hall of Fame representation from players, to coaches, to management, to announcers is beyond impressive. Chicago has also hosted four NHL All-Star Games with the last in 1991. Yes it is true, despite what some think, Chicago has not hosted the All-Star game in 25 years.

Chicago Blackhawks Bandwagon fans stand for league-wide admiration. As has been well documented, the Blackhawks have been selected to play in the Winter Classic and Stadium Series Game twice. But here’s the thing, when Minnesota was awarded the Stadium Series game coming up February 21, 2016, Minnesota CHOSE to play the Blackhawks. The NHL wanted Minnesota to host Dallas (formerly Dallas North Stars), but Minnesota Wild owner Craig Leipold asked to play the Blackhawks instead. Why? Because they are the standard of success, draw huge ratings and travel well.

Finally, Blackhawks Bandwagon fans stand for winning. I believe you are aware the Blackhawks have won six Stanley Cups (don’t be jealous bro), including three in the last six years. It is absolutely ridiculous to hate on the fans of the Championship team because their team won. Think about that for a second. If you really want to shut Blackhawks fans up, then I suggest your team win the Cup, consistently sell-out your own stadium, set the marketing standard for the NHL, and understand your own history.

As for all of you so called Chicago Blackhawks “Bandwagon Fans”, wear that badge with pride. For without each of you, the greatest game in the world cannot grow and thrive.