Calgary Flames Twitter Guide

The social media site Twitter can be a tremendous resource for anybody seeking to get information in a hurry, and it’s definitely true when it comes to fans of the 30 National Hockey League clubs. For fans of the Calgary Flames, there’s a large number of pundits, blogs and journalists to choose from.

Here’s a quick list of the Calgary Flames Twitter essentials.

The Official Calgary Flames Account: @NHLFlames

Want to know who’s starting in net or line combinations? Who scored? Who’s injured? The Flames official feed has a great mix of inside information, play-by-play and occasional behind-the-scenes tidbits.

The Flames’ Digital Media Team: @ToriePeterson, @Kristin_Hallett and @AAVickers

They’re around the team basically every day, they often travel with the team, and these three provide some really cool insights into what’s happening with the club. Peterson provides most of the written content for the website (ranging from analysis of the Flames to their prospects), Hallett hosts the Flames TV video segments and Vickers also writes about the team for and runs Future Considerations (so he has lots of NHL prospect tidbits, too).

Sportsnet TV host Roger Millions: @RogMillions

Millions hosts all Flames telecasts on Sportsnet and is one of the most connected (and interactive) Flames-related journalists on Twitter.

Sportsnet Radio host Pat Steinberg: @Fan960Steinberg

Another person who’s incredibly interactive is Steinberg, who co-hosts the afternoon show on Sportsnet 960 The Fan, as well as most Flames radio broadcasts and the post-game call-in show, Overtime.


The TV voice of the Flames on Sportsnet, Rob Kerr: @SNRobKerr

Around the team all the time, Kerr calls every Flames game on Sportsnet and used to host the afternoon show on Sportsnet 960 radio. Outside of maybe Hall of Famer Peter Maher (who calls every Flames game on the radio), Kerr’s likely with the team the most.


The Sources in Abbotsford, Mike Cadarette and Dan Kinvig: @MCaddd and @DanKinvig

Cadarette covers the team for the Flames website, while Kinvig is the sports editor at the Abbotsford News. Both know the Abbotsford Heat inside and out.


The Calgary Herald Flames Reporters: @CruickshankCH, @KristenOdlandCH and @GeorgeJohnsonCH

Publishing six days a week, the Calgary Herald is the oldest paper in town and its only broadsheet paper. Scott Cruickshank, Kristen Odland and George Johnson cover every game and at least one of them travels with the team. These guys are a great resource for fans, especially during road trips, where getting scoops is tough for out-of-towners.


The Calgary Sun Flames Reporters: @SUNRandySportak, @SUNGilbertson and @EricFrancis

Technically Calgary’s only daily paper, the Sun is the only tabloid-format paper in town and is popular for its sports pull-out sections. At least one of these three writers (Randy Sportak, Wes Gilbertson and Eric Francis) travels with the team at a time. Francis is a media fixture throughout Canada, notably from his time with Hockey Night in Canada.


Canadian Press reporter Darren Haynes: @DarrenHaynes_CP

A fixture with the Canadian Press for many years, Haynes has one of the more entertaining media blogs – discussing his thoughts on the team, plugging stories and blog posts and mixing in a great dose of humour and interesting facts from throughout his NHL writing career.


FlamesNation overlord Kent Wilson: @Kent_Wilson

Editor of the Flames-centric news and analysis site (disclosure: I also write there), Wilson is one of the leading proponents of advanced stats and often shares his thoughts on the Flames and the NHL, usually with a statistical bent.


Flames prospect Johnny Gaudreau: @johngaudreau03

Calgary’s top prospect is currently playing for the Boston College Eagles and often tweets about school and hockey.


Flames forward Mikael Backlund: @mikaelbacklund11

Centerman Mikael Backlund is involved with a lot of charitable things in the Calgary-area and tweets about them. He also occasionally beaks his teammates on his feed.


Flames forward Sean Monahan: @seanmonahan20

Calgary’s star rookie tweets a lot, though most of it is fairly vanilla (albeit still interesting).


Tremendously funny parody account “Boring” Sean Monahan: @boringmonahan

The rookie Monahan has a reputation for not being the most colourful character in TV interviews. Someone had the idea of taking his dry nature, turn it up to 11, and make a Twitter feed. It’s pretty funny.


The Hockey Writers senior Flames writer Ryan Pike: @RyanNPike

Finally, I’d be remiss if I didn’t shamelessly plug my own Twitter.