Detroit Red Wings Schedule – 2023-24

10/12/20237:00@New Jersey Devils
10/14/20237:00Tampa Bay Lightning
10/16/20237:00@Columbus Blue Jackets
10/18/20237:30Pittsburgh Penguins
10/21/20231:00@Ottawa Senators
10/22/20235:00Calgary Flames
10/24/20238:15Seattle Kraken
10/26/20237:00Winnipeg Jets
10/28/20237:00@Boston Bruins
10/30/20237:30@New York Islanders
11/2/20237:00Florida Panthers
11/4/20237:00Boston Bruins
11/7/20237:30@New York Rangers
11/9/20237:00Montreal Canadiens
11/11/20231:00Columbus Blue Jackets
11/16/20232:00@Ottawa Senators
11/17/20232:00Toronto Maple Leafs
11/22/20237:00New Jersey Devils
11/24/20231:00@Boston Bruins
11/26/20231:00Minnesota Wild
11/29/20237:30@New York Rangers
11/30/20237:00Chicago Blackhawks
12/2/20237:00@Montreal Canadiens
12/5/20237:00@Buffalo Sabres
12/7/20237:00San Jose Sharks
12/9/20237:00Ottawa Senators
12/11/20238:00@Dallas Stars
12/12/20238:00@St. Louis Blues
12/14/20237:00Carolina Hurricanes
12/16/20237:00@Philadelphia Flyers
12/18/20237:00Anaheim Ducks
12/20/20237:30@Winnipeg Jets
12/22/20237:00Philadelphia Flyers
12/23/20237:00@New Jersey Devils
12/27/20238:00@Minnesota Wild
12/29/20237:00Nashville Predators
12/31/20235:00Boston Bruins
1/2/202410:30@San Jose Sharks
1/4/202410:30@Los Angeles Kings
1/7/20248:00@Anaheim Ducks
1/11/20247:00Edmonton Oilers
1/13/20247:00Los Angeles Kings
1/14/20247:00@Toronto Maple Leafs
1/17/20247:00@Florida Panthers
1/19/20247:00@Carolina Hurricanes
1/21/20245:00Tampa Bay Lightning
1/23/20247:00Dallas Stars
1/25/20247:00Philadelphia Flyers
1/27/20247:00Vegas Golden Knights
1/31/20247:00Ottawa Senators
2/10/20241:00Vancouver Canucks
2/13/20249:00@Edmonton Oilers
2/15/202410:00@Vancouver Canucks
2/17/20244:00@Calgary Flames
2/19/20243:30@Seattle Kraken
2/22/20247:00Colorado Avalanche
2/24/20247:00St. Louis Blues
2/25/20246:00@Chicago Blackhawks
2/27/20247:00Washington Capitals
2/29/20247:00New York Islanders
3/2/20247:00Florida Panthers
3/6/20249:30@Colorado Avalanche
3/8/20249:00@Arizona Coyotes
3/9/202410:00@Vegas Golden Knights
3/12/20247:00@Buffalo Sabres
3/14/20247:00Arizona Coyotes
3/16/202412:30Buffalo Sabres
3/17/20246:00@Pittsburgh Penguins
3/19/20247:00Columbus Blue Jackets
3/21/20247:00New York Islanders
3/23/20245:00@Nashville Predators
3/26/20247:00@Washington Capitals
3/28/20247:00@Carolina Hurricanes
3/30/202412:30@Florida Panthers
4/1/20247:00@Tampa Bay Lightning
4/5/20247:00New York Rangers
4/7/20241:00Buffalo Sabres
4/9/20247:00Washington Capitals
4/11/20247:00@Pittsburgh Penguins
4/13/20247:00@Toronto Maple Leafs
4/15/20247:00Montreal Canadiens
4/16/20247:00@Montreal Canadiens

The Detroit Red Wings stand as one of the most iconic and storied franchises in the history of the National Hockey League (NHL). Established in 1926, the team has cultivated a rich legacy marked by unparalleled success, captivating players, and an unwavering fan base. Throughout their history, the Red Wings have secured an impressive collection of championship titles, including 11 Stanley Cups. Led by legendary figures like Gordie Howe, Steve Yzerman, and Nicklas Lidstrom, the team has consistently showcased a commitment to excellence and a dedication to the pursuit of victory.

The Red Wings’ commitment to success is perhaps most evident in their remarkable playoff streak, which lasted for an astonishing 25 years, from 1991 to 2016. This unparalleled consistency showcased their ability to adapt, innovate, and maintain a competitive edge in a constantly evolving league. Under the leadership of coach Scotty Bowman, the Red Wings achieved a remarkable feat by clinching multiple championships in the late 1990s and early 2000s, solidifying their reputation as a powerhouse franchise.

Beyond their on-ice achievements, the Detroit Red Wings hold a special place in the hearts of their passionate fan base. The team’s home, Little Caesars Arena, becomes a sea of red during home games, a testament to the deep-rooted connection between the team and its supporters. The “Winged Wheel” logo and the iconic octopus toss during playoff games are emblematic of the fervent traditions that have developed around the team over the years. Despite facing challenges in recent seasons, the Red Wings continue to rebuild with a focus on nurturing young talent and upholding the values that have defined them for nearly a century, ensuring that their legacy will endure for generations to come.