Fantasy Hockey Chateau Bow Wow (April 5th)

There sometimes has to be an intermission or a break from the vile fantasy performances of the evening. After all, the material can get old or stale. What would happen then? No one would read this of course. That wouldn’t look too good. I would lose face as a writer but worse, it means being tuned out. Think of a hockey team the same way. Sometimes, a time occurs when the message is just whisked away to a place of no return. It is hard to believe but sometimes one does not even have to watch to know. The fantasy hockey world behaves in much the same manner. Breaks are necessary for reflection and adaptation after all.

Fantasy Hockey Questions?

Dilemmas arise when there comes the realization that there just is not much time for these actions that may be considered “soft” by some. So many times, we fail to look at the most obvious reasons for a screw up or an error. The goal of this column is to talk as if the view is a scorned fantasy hockey owner. We must always think of it as such without crossing too many lines along the way. Yet this must be balanced by paying the proper, condescending tone to the bad and ugly performances of the day and night.

We kept last night’s submission to one based on the lighter schedule like we mentioned previously. It was almost as if clemency was granted at the eleventh hour. The reasoning is not quite that but hey, let’s roll with this. After all, the vinegar of hostility must always forever be balanced by common sense sometimes.

Fantasy Hockey F-U POTN:

Robin Lehner — G — Ottawa Senators

Robin Lehner
Bad third period…BAD!(Greg M. Cooper-US PRESSWIRE)

This may have been more because of how the third period went than anything else. Ottawa had a 2-1 lead after an early third period goal by Eric Gryba. All looked well and then Steve Ott happened. That Ott goal was probably one that Lehner wishes he had back. If he had just shut the door there, Buffalo does not settle down and the game likely results in an Ottawa win, albeit in extra time probably. Then there was the two goals just 12 seconds apart which must have ripped fantasy owners a new one. Or is that fantasy owners wanted to rip Robin Lehner a new one? I never know. The bottom line is Lehner gave up four goals on 30 shots after allowing three third period goals on ten shots. That just stings on the fantasy bottom line for some teams going into a very pivotal weekend. Besides with Craig Anderson finally on the verge for coming back (feels like for the 13th time I know), Lehner’s time will be limited some but still, can he shake this clunker off? I do not know that answer but damn there were a lot of expletives coming from the fantasy community after last night. Honestly, his use is done for now!

There will be more come tomorrow as always. Thanks again for reading and do not forget to follow us @ChrisWasselTHW. We promise you will not regret it in the least.