Hockey Headlines: Latest Updates on Jonathan Drouin, and More

A collection of the latest news from around the world of hockey:

The Blackhawks have traded Ryan Garbutt to the Ducks for Jiri Sekac. They now have moved the two main pieces of the Patrick Sharp trade. You could say the Stars got the better of that deal, but the Hawks clearly didn’t need Sharp or his salary. [Chicago Tribune]

According to his agent, the Lightning told Jonathan Drouin that a trade was looming, and he elected to skip his scheduled AHL game so as to not risk injury, and has subsequently been suspended. [The Hockey News], [Trade Rumors], [TSN], [HockeyBuzz]

I don’t know what went on behind the scenes with Jonathan Drouin and the Tampa Bay Lightning. Was it a similar situation to Martin St. Louis and his trade request? Is it the same reason Steven Stamkos hasn’t committed long-term? We may never know the truth. What we do know is that it’s a bad look for a 20 year-old who’s only got six goals in 89 career NHL games. Drafted third overall in 2013, Drouin came with a lot of hype, but he’s had limited opportunity to prove himself, and hasn’t shown a whole lot when he was on the ice. Drouin’s agent is experienced, so you have to believe he knows what he’s doing. But it’s an ugly situation that continues to get worse.

When a young player with no track record and no accomplishments as a pro demands a trade to the point that he’s not even reporting to his minor league team, it’s concerning. Either he was treated terribly by his team, or he doesn’t understand what it means to earn one’s place in the league. I won’t throw stones at the kid without knowing the whole story, but you have to wonder if his trade value will diminish. In any case, he’s got the tools and potential to be a lethal scorer in the NHL. No doubt he will end up with a second chance. Let’s hope this isn’t the only thing he’s remembered for.

UPDATE: Steve Yzerman spoke to media regarding Drouin. He said that he never told Allen Walsh about an impending trade, and the team would only move Drouin if and when they found the right deal. Yzerman wants to do what’s best for the team, and has no timeline. He also said he doesn’t feel any added pressure to consummate a trade, but they are still looking to make a deal. Yzerman stands by the way the Lightning have developed their young players. He said that the Drouin camp leaked the trade request, and so far there haven’t been any offers that he likes.

What we’ve learned: We have no idea why Drouin decided to pull himself out of the AHL game, and Yzerman wasn’t a fan of the public trade request. He would be open to mending fences, but that doesn’t seem likely.

In other news…

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