Islanders’ New Goal Horn is Annoying, Fans Hate It

When it’s spelled out, you can see how it seemed like a good idea.

While many things were brought to Brooklyn’s Barclays Center from Nassau Coliseum in the Islanders move from their long-time home, the goal horn wasn’t one of them. It was given a test spin on Monday night and fans were not pleased.

The horn is a collaboration between the team and New York’s Metropolitan Transit Authority — unlovingly known as MTA in the city. The collaboration shows. The horn sounds like a tubercular car horn making a final request on its death bed, combined with the terrible sound of a subway horn honking at ear piercing levels.

Take a listen to the horn below in a clip shared through the Barclay Center Twitter account on Monday night.

Fans were not fans.

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It goes on like that for a while, with more NSFW responses than not.

To their credit, it does sound like it should be a good idea. They’re in the city now. People ride the train to the game. They’re trying to convince fans in Nassau County to ride the train in for the game. There’s some logic here. It may take a little refining though.

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