Joey Moss’ Music Left Lasting Impact on Oilers [Video]

As the hockey world mourns the passing of Joey Moss, an important part of the Edmonton Oilers’ organization, former staff from the Oilers sat down and discussed the impact Moss had on the players, the dressing room and much of it coming from his love for music.

Included in the conversation were former equipment managers of the Oilers, Lyle “Sparky” Kulchisky and Barrie Stafford and former head medical trainer Ken Lowe.

The conversation opened up about how Moss not only impacted the dressing room for the Oilers’ players and organization, but how he had an impact on the future growth of the relationship between the NHL, their organizations and employing locker room staff with Down’s Syndrome.

To further that, Moss played the role of entertainer for the organization and while the team, at times, may have suffered losses on the ice, Moss’ role within the room never changed as he kept the spirits high for both players as well as other staff.

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Part of that entertainment was his dancing and singing which stemmed from another love of his – music. Coming from a musically-inclined family, Moss’ musical renditions of La Bamba put smiles on the faces of those around him and it was clear when these three spoke of Moss the respect they had for him within the organization.

They went as far as saying that Moss’ spirit touched so many diverse communities, which made him such a valuable member of the organization as well as the community within Edmonton. His involvement with the Oilers’ events which raised money for the community was just one of his many incredible attributes.

It was his music in the room, but his presence in the community that made Joey Moss such a public figure, and one that will obviously be missed as you can read the emotion on the faces of these three former staff members.