Major Development in Patrick Kane Case

The rape allegation against Chicago Blackhawks superstar Patrick Kane was set to be presented in front of a grand jury on Tuesday afternoon. However, just before it was set to begin, the grand jury has been postponed, according to a report from The Buffalo News.

Sources close to the situation informed The Buffalo News that the delay could likely be do to ongoing settlement talks between attorneys for both of the parties involved, Kane and the alleged victim.

It was confirmed last week that a witness in the case was subpoenaed to appear in front of the grand jury with both Kane and the victim likely to be requested to do the same. With this latest development, the appearances may not even happen should a settlement be reached.

Kane is accused to have sexually-assaulted the victim in his home in Hamburg, NY in early August. According to the allegations, Kane, the victim and the victim’s friend went to his home after spending the evening at Skybar in downtown Buffalo. The alleged assault happened early on the morning of August 2.

Kane has not been charged with any crime in the case as authorities gather evidence for the case. It was revealed on Monday that Kane would not be invited to the NHL’s media tour where the top players in the league film promotional videos and do interviews with the league’s media partners.

More to come…