NHL Removes Patrick Kane From Promotions

Chicago Blackhawks superstar Patrick Kane remains at the center of a rape investigation stemming from an alleged incident at his Hamburg, NY home in early August. Because of this, both the Blackhawks and the NHL have distanced themselves, for now, from the troubled 26-year old.

According to The Buffalo News, Kane wasn’t invited to attend the league’s preseason media tour where veteran players tape promo videos that appear on various networks throughout the season.

The league isn’t the first group to separate itself from the South Buffalo native since the investigation began. EA Sports decided to remove Kane from the cover of the upcoming release of NHL 16 due to the problems.

The investigation is still ongoing as authorities continue to gather evidence towards a potential case against Kane. However, that part of the process could be coming to a close with a witness from the alleged incident slated to appear in front of a grand jury this week. Kane as well as the alleged victim could also be subpoenaed to do so.

Kane has not been charged in the investigation, but with each passing day, it’s looking more and more likely that this case is going to get messier before it gets settled.

More to come…