Mike Babcock Wins 1st Coach’s Challenge in NHL History

It didn’t take long for the first coach’s challenge in NHL history to happen.

Incoming Toronto Maple Leafs head coach Mike Babcock made it to the second period of opening night before he issued the NHL’s first ever coach’s challenge on a Jeff Petry goal that put the Montreal Canadiens up 2-1.

On the goal, Tomas Plekanec gets his stick into Toronto goaltender Jonathan Bernier’s throat, pushing Bernier over backwards.

The challenge was successful, overturning the goal and kept the game tied. Though it ultimately wouldn’t make a difference, with the Canadiens winning the game 3-1.

Babcock made history in his first night with the new team, becoming the first coach to successfully issue a coach’s challenge.

There was some question as to when coach’s would start using them and how the technology would work. The challenge wasn’t a part of the preseason because, according to reports, the technology wasn’t quite ready.

Watch the challenge below.

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