New Jersey Devils Schedule – 2023-24

10/12/20237:00Detroit Red Wings
10/13/20237:00Arizona Coyotes
10/16/20237:00Florida Panthers
10/20/20237:30@New York Islanders
10/24/20237:15@Montreal Canadiens
10/25/20237:30Washington Capitals
10/27/20237:00Buffalo Sabres
10/29/20235:00Minnesota Wild
11/2/20238:00@Minnesota Wild
11/3/20238:00@St. Louis Blues
11/5/20237:00@Chicago Blackhawks
11/7/202310:00@Colorado Avalanche
11/10/20237:00Washington Capitals
11/14/20238:00@Winnipeg Jets
11/16/20237:00@Pittsburgh Penguins
11/18/20237:00New York Rangers
11/22/20237:00@Detroit Red Wings
11/24/20233:00Columbus Blue Jackets
11/25/20237:00Buffalo Sabres
11/28/20237:00New York Islanders
11/30/20237:00@Philadelphia Flyers
12/1/20237:00San Jose Sharks
12/5/202310:00@Vancouver Canucks
12/7/202310:00@Seattle Kraken
12/9/20234:00@Calgary Flames
12/10/20234:00@Edmonton Oilers
12/13/20237:30Boston Bruins
12/16/20237:00@Columbus Blue Jackets
12/17/20237:00Anaheim Ducks
12/19/20237:00Philadelphia Flyers
12/21/20237:00Edmonton Oilers
12/23/20237:00Detroit Red Wings
12/27/20237:00Columbus Blue Jackets
12/29/20237:00@Ottawa Senators
12/30/20237:00@Boston Bruins
1/3/20247:30@Washington Capitals
1/5/20247:00Chicago Blackhawks
1/6/20247:00Vancouver Canucks
1/11/20247:00@Tampa Bay Lightning
1/13/20246:00@Florida Panthers
1/15/20241:00@Boston Bruins
1/17/20247:00Montreal Canadiens
1/19/20247:00@Columbus Blue Jackets
1/20/20247:00Dallas Stars
1/22/20247:00Vegas Golden Knights
1/25/20247:00@Carolina Hurricanes
1/27/20247:00@Tampa Bay Lightning
2/6/20247:00Colorado Avalanche
2/8/20247:00Calgary Flames
2/10/20247:00@Carolina Hurricanes
2/12/20247:00Seattle Kraken
2/13/20248:00@Nashville Predators
2/15/20247:00Los Angeles Kings
2/17/20248:00Philadelphia Flyers
2/20/20247:00@Washington Capitals
2/22/20247:00New York Rangers
2/24/202412:30Montreal Canadiens
2/25/20241:00Tampa Bay Lightning
2/27/202410:30@San Jose Sharks
3/1/202410:00@Anaheim Ducks
3/3/20243:30@Los Angeles Kings
3/5/20247:00Florida Panthers
3/7/20247:00St. Louis Blues
3/9/202412:30Carolina Hurricanes
3/11/20247:00@New York Rangers
3/14/20248:00@Dallas Stars
3/16/20245:00@Arizona Coyotes
3/17/20243:30@Vegas Golden Knights
3/19/20247:00Pittsburgh Penguins
3/21/20247:00Winnipeg Jets
3/23/20247:00Ottawa Senators
3/24/20245:00@New York Islanders
3/26/20247:00@Toronto Maple Leafs
3/29/20247:00@Buffalo Sabres
4/2/20247:00Pittsburgh Penguins
4/3/20247:30@New York Rangers
4/6/20247:00@Ottawa Senators
4/7/20247:00Nashville Predators
4/9/20247:00Toronto Maple Leafs
4/11/20247:00@Toronto Maple Leafs
4/13/20245:00@Philadelphia Flyers
4/15/20247:00New York Islanders

The New Jersey Devils are a professional ice hockey team based in Newark, New Jersey. They are a member of the Metropolitan Division in the Eastern Conference of the National Hockey League (NHL). The franchise was founded in 1974 as the Kansas City Scouts and later relocated to Colorado before finally settling in New Jersey in 1982. The team plays its home games at the Prudential Center, a modern arena located in downtown Newark that has become a hub for sports and entertainment events.

The Devils have established themselves as a successful and storied franchise in the NHL. They achieved prominence in the 1990s and early 2000s, capturing three Stanley Cup championships in 1995, 2000, and 2003 under the leadership of legendary coach Larry Robinson and notable players like Martin Brodeur, Scott Stevens, and Scott Niedermayer. These championships solidified the Devils as a force to be reckoned with in the league and garnered a dedicated fan base.

Throughout their history, the Devils have been known for their strong defensive style of play and disciplined approach on the ice. This strategic emphasis has led to multiple playoff appearances and a reputation for being a tough opponent. The organization has also been committed to community engagement and outreach, actively participating in various charitable initiatives to support the local New Jersey community. As the team continues to evolve and adapt, the Devils remain a cornerstone of professional hockey in the Garden State, inspiring fans and upholding a legacy of success.