NHL on TNT? With a Gap in Content, Why Not Hockey?

NHL on TNT? Let’s make it happen
Written by: R.C. Sutton

Another deadline looms on the NBA lockout which will potentially cancel more games for the upcoming NBA season and create more ill will on a fan base that has been eroding the past few years.  The National Hockey League should stand up and take notice of the NBA’s failures.  It wasn’t that long ago that the NHL went through a similar enigma that cost the league an entire season and put the fringe sport on life support.  In fact there were some that called for the plug to pulled on the NHL, and declare it dead on arrival.  Now, the same labor disputes that pushed the NHL to the edge have the ability to bring it back to the forefront of the American sports conscious.  All the NHL needs to do is a few simple things.

There is a hole that has been left by the NBA on major networks across the country.  You may not notice it, as the TNT network doesn’t broadcast dead air where an NBA game should be, but the lack of NBA programming does indeed exist.  My idea is simple, let the networks affected by lack of NBA games broadcast NHL games in their stead for free.  Yes, I said free.  Many businesses that try to grow its consumer market offer free samples.  What better way to grow the NHL than have it on networks such as TNT, ESPN, ESPN2, etc.   I know there are legal agreements that actually hinder this from happening in local markets, but there’s no reason they should not be able to finagle some sort of out of market agreement to make this happen.  Get the product in front of as many people as possible.  I believe the saying is “Get while the gettin’ is good”.

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