NHL Rumors: Canadiens, Sabres, Sharks, Bruins

In today’s NHL rumors rundown, what is the value of Joel Edmundson on the NHL trade market? Meanwhile, did the Buffalo Sabres almost trade Tage Thompson? Will Timo Meier stick with the San Jose Sharks? Finally, what is the latest talk surrounding David Pastrnak and the Boston Bruins?

What Can the Canadiens Get For Edmundson?

Eric Engels was a guest on The Jeff Marek Show and when asked about the trade value for defenseman Joel Edmundson, said it’s hard to pin down what the value will be. He noted, “I think there will be a lot of teams interested but there will be some that will be scared of that extra year, and there will be some that will value that extra year for exactly what we’re talking about.”

Joel Edmundson
Joel Edmundson, Montreal Canadiens (Photo by Vincent Ethier/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Engels says that Edmundson is currently playing higher in the lineup than he would be if he were to be traded and that should be taken into account when looking at his recent struggles. He’s also playing with a rookie defenseman which is bound to expose the pairing more often and he’s playing the wrong side after starting the season late. Engels thinks a lot of teams will see through all that and have a pretty good idea of who this player is based on his history in the NHL. At the same time, injuries are a concern.

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The Canadiens would like to get a first-round pick for the player, but it’s not clear if the market will pay that.

Did Sabres Almost Trade Thompson?

It’s hard to imagine and the Sabres would deny it if asked, but according to Jamie McLennan and Bryan Hayes on TSN Overdrive, they both heard the same story that the Sabres almost traded Tage Thompson before he broke out and became the player he’s turned into in the NHL.

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Hayes said he heard that Buffalo almost dumped Thompson for a third-round pick (McLennan heard it was like a third or a fifth) and that would have gone down as one of the worst trades in recent NHL history (best for the other team) if it had taken place. There was no conversation about who the other team was and when exactly these trade talks took place.

Chances Meier Stays With Sharks This Season

When asked if he felt Timo Meier would still be with the San Jose Sharks beyond this season, The Athletic’s Cory Masisak responded, “I don’t think the odds are that high that Meier will be here.”

Timo Meier San Jose Sharks
Timo Meier, San Jose Sharks (Jess Starr/The Hockey Writers)

As for reasons why he thought Meier could be on the way out, he noted:

The guy in charge now didn’t draft Meier. It’s one year later, so the Sharks are another 12 months adrift from being a great team. Meier has not started a family here like Hertl already has. And Meier can probably get more money than Hertl could have had he tested the open market, in large part because he’s younger but also because the leaguewide salary cap situation is about to start looking a lot better.

source – ‘Sharks’ goalie of the future? Timo Meier trade odds? Mailbag, part 1’ – Corey Masisak – The Athletic – 01/02/2023

In other Sharks trade talks, Masisak says he doesn’t think it’s a given that James Reimer is traded. “There aren’t a lot of goalies that do get moved at the deadline. There are a few other pending UFA goalies who have better numbers than him right now,” he writes.

Latest on David Pastrnak’s Decision To Stay With Bruins

When asked why things have been so quiet between the Boston Bruins and David Pastrnak‘s reps, Fluto Shinzawa of The Athletic writes that Pastrnak is simply waiting for the Bruins to up their offer. He adds that the player is in no rush to decide his future because he holds all the cards.

Shinzawa writes:

“The two sides continue to disagree on Pastrnak’s value. Pastrnak has all the leverage. The Bruins have no choice but to sign him. Pastrnak has to decide whether this is his best long-term fit and whether pursuing maximum value may affect how the team is built around him.”

source – ‘Could Bruins trade for Bo Horvat or Patrick Kane? How much will David Pastrnak make? Mailbag’ – Fluto Shinzawa – The Athletic – 01/06/2023