Teammates Help With Phil Kessel’s Bad Breath

Some of his Pittsburgh Penguin teammates have offered to help with Phil Kessel’s bad breath.

Following Wednesday’s Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Final, Kessel had an awkward exchange with NBC’s Pierre McGuire, who asked a strangely-worded question about Kessel’s conditioning. Kessel thought he was being told he had some bad breath going after the game. This was the result:

His teammates weren’t going to miss an opportunity to rib their leading playoff performer. Friday, they left gum and mouthwash in Kessel’s locker to help with any postgame intimacy issues he might have.

Maybe this is part of why Amanda Kessel is considered the #BestKessel.

Coach Mike Sullivan was quick to note Friday that the joke reveals a big positive for the team. “That’s part of being a close-knit team. They don’t miss much,” he told the media.

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A mintier Kessel and the Penguins will face the Tampa Bay Lightning for Game 4 of the ECF Friday evening. His seven goals and 16 points lead the team in production through 14 playoff games.