Ranking All NHL Teams by Prospects

The crew at DobberProspects have put their work boots on. They looked at the Top 10 prospects of each and every NHL Team and ranked them. Taking months to complete, their list is finally ready for public consumption.

hockey prospects

Here’s what they looked at:

DobberProspects has undergone a massive project that has taken a couple of months to compile and complete. First, we went to each writer/scout and had them rank the Top 10 prospects on the team that they are covering – from a fantasy hockey standpoint. Then, the senior writers, managers and myself reviewed everything and ranked the organizations. We considered the following criteria:

1. The amount of fantasy-worthy players. Team X with 12 guys with the potential to be on a fantasy hockey team in the future would score better here than Team Y with 10.

2. The quality of those players. If Team X’s 12 guys are all of decent quality, but Team Y has nine guys of similar quality but one guy who is an absolute blue-chip stud, then Team Y’s score will reflect that.
3. Upside at the NHL level. We in fantasy hockey prefer that potential 90-point long shot than the guaranteed grinder.
4. The wait time. If the aforementioned Team X has 12 guys, but none of them are expected in the NHL for three years, then the score will suffer. In fantasy hockey, we’re not a patient lot.


All the rankings can be seen here…(hint:  the worst team on the list begins with an F and sounds like Liars)