Sabres Debut New Goal Song; It’s Great

Through the offseason the Buffalo Sabres asked fans to vote on what the team’s new goal song should be. The eight options in the goal song bracket included “Howl,” “Krazy,” “Swords of a Thousand Men” and others.

But none of those would win. No. It was DJ Kool’s “Let Me Clear My Throat” that took the day and made its debut on Thursday when Jack Eichel scored his first NHL goal and the Sabres’ first goal of the season.

Some might think a song about coughing doesn’t make for a great celebration song. I don’t hold that against you. Initially, it seems like an odd choice. But if you doubt DJ Kool’s 1996 classic’s ability to kill it as a goal song, you are wrong. Dead wrong. This is a great goal song.

Good work, People of Buffalo.

Watch the video below, as tweeted out by the Sabres, that shows the team’s first test run of the new song. It’s great.

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