Summary: All Time Team Stats

I just picked up my copy of the 2011 National Hockey League – Official Guide and Record Book. I buy it every year as soon as it comes out. Last year’s copy goes on the shelf and this latest version will stay close and within easy reach over the next year. It is hockey’s bible and the most reliable source of accurate historical information going back to the NHL’s debut in 1917.

One of the first things I always glance at is the all-time regular season team records and how each franchise has done against all other teams. It quickly gives me an idea of  the most successful franchises over time. Did you know that the Montreal Canadiens have an all-time winning record against every other NHL team? Think about that for a second. It’s truly incredible. In 93 years, the Habs have beaten every single opponent they’ve faced more often than they’ve lost to them. Incroyable!

Here are a couple of statistical summaries of interest.

Top Dozen All-Time Winning Percentages.

  1. Montreal Canadiens .590
  2. Philadelphia Flyers .576
  3. Buffalo Sabres .553
  4. Boston Bruins .552
  5. Edmonton Oilers .535
  6. Calgary Flames .534
  7. Detroit Red Wings .534
  8. Minnesota Wild .527
  9. Colorado Avalanche .525
  10. Nashville Predators .522
  11. St. Louis Blues .510
  12. Ottawa Senators .508

Teams that have more “Goals For” than “Goals Against” in their history.

  1. Montreal Canadiens +3,520
  2. Boston Bruins +1,532
  3. Philadelphia Flyers +1,445
  4. Buffalo Sabres +989
  5. Detroit Red Wings +850
  6. Calgary Flames +532
  7. Edmonton Oilers +448
  8. Colorado Avalanche +220
  9. New York Islanders +203



The Toronto Maple Leafs, one of the NHL’s two original franchises, have an all-time losing record against every other Canadian-based team.

That’s enough stats to ponder for now. More to come. Stay tuned.

2 thoughts on “Summary: All Time Team Stats”

  1. Yes Bruce, any Flyers’ fan has been well treated since 1967. They’ve won a couple of Cups but they’ve been the the Cup Final six other times as well. Just a consistently good and proud franchise, except for a rebuilding period in the early 1990’s. Congratulations Flyers’ fans.

  2. Thanks Mike,

    One thing that jumps out for me is the success of the Flyers. It seems that while the likes of the Blackhawks & Rangers have had a chance to beat up on all of the expansion clubs it turns out that it’s one of the expansion teams that sits in second. It’s pretty incredible to think that the Sabres and Flyers have such a strong winning percentages. At least Boston is up there helping the Habs to represent.

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